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High End Bathroom Accessories For Your Bathroom

It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is only small and functional or large and ornate. High end bathroom accessories will add an aura of sophistication and luxury to any bathroom.

The Small Things Count Just as Much as the Big Things

When speaking of high end bathroom accessories, little things such as the faucet type/finish and door handles are just as pertinent as the tub or shower.  Fixtures (e.g. lavatory knobs, tub spouts, door handles, towel racks) are preferably a silver or textured brass with a look and feel of the utmost craftsmanship, innovation and elegance (of which functionality should never take a backseat, however). Also, keep the Kohler brand in mind when you want the absolute best.

High end bathroom accessories such as towels, soap dispensers, shower curtain rings, waste baskets and towel racks are also of concern for the designer who is highly discerning, aesthetically and physically. Natural fiber, high cotton count jacquard towels set the bar for drying hands and bodies. Metal fixtures need to have a good consistency with each other, and color schemes on the walls need to accentuate perfectly luxurious towels (or vice-versa).

Let the Style Speak Volumes about Your Person

High end bathroom accessories, along with refined and elegant fixtures, need to reflect to your guests two things:  They need to give them subtle hints of who you really are, and they need to effectively and unquestionably convey a sense of restrained sophistication. Too many dollar-store items might send a message of cheapness and no-sense-in design about you. Too many flashy brass or unrestrained, shiny silver fixtures, combined with a hodgepodge of soap dishes, tooth brush holders, soap holders and so forth (regardless if they are gold-plated) will scream clutter, disorganization and gaudiness.

When in doubt, always use the “less is more” philosophy-while never sacrificing quality and luxury. All this is because, well, believe it or not but most of your guests will scrutinize your bathroom and you will never know it (at least first-hand you won’t).