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Snow, Heating and Insulation

With the snow season upon us, many people are looking for ways to save money on their energy bills. The simple answer is to turn the heating down and wear a jumper, but this isn’t very comfortable and in extreme cold not very healthy either! Aside from turning your heating up to full and coping with the energy bill another day, there are a few things you can do to reduce energy costs and still have a warm home. Here are a few of the most popular.

There are places in your home that are colder than others, and these will often suck up the heat from other areas forcing you to turn the heating up. For example, if you have a conservatory that is poorly insulated then heating it as well as the rest of the house is sure to lower your energy efficiency by quite a lot. Instead, you might want to consider insulating the conservatory more or placing a fill in heater there so that it doesn’t take energy from the boiler.

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Another example is the loft. Some people have a loft conversion and this means that the area is probably well insulated, but most people lose a lot of energy through the roof. A bit of insulation there can make all the difference and cut down on your costs considerably.

Of course, there is always the option of upgrading your hearing system. The better the heating system is, the less likely it is that you’ll be wasting energy. Modern boilers are a lot more efficient than older ones, so although they are expensive to replace it might work out to be better for your bank balance in the long run. This is something you need to work out before you buy though, otherwise you are taking a big risk.

A Review on Bionaire Heater Silent Micathermic Radiator

A bionaire heater is one of the best investments a family living in cold climate can make. As a brand, Bionaire has established a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of environment-friendly, energy efficient, and innovative indoor products. It is not surprising why many households and offices have turned to heaters made by Bionaire in providing warmth to their spaces. There are numerous Bionaire heaters that can suit the heating requirements of offices and households, all of which are energy efficient, stylishly designed and safe.

The Bionaire Silent Micathermic Radiator heater is one of the numerous models designed to provide households with enough warmth while maintaining a healthy and pure indoor environment. This heater has dimensions of 33.5” in length, 5” in width, and 22.5” in height. With its small width, this bionaire heater will easily fit in small areas. It also heats up quickly, and is very much reliable in heating large rooms.

The product makes use of micathermic heating elements and taps convection technology in heating up a room. The heater’s trademarked MaxFlow heating system is designed to allow the heater to heat up quickly. The product also warms up any space without causing unwanted noise and distraction.
The Bionaire Silent Micathermic Radiator heater comes with an adjustable thermostat so users can adjust the temperature settings as needed. There are two heat settings available in this model — a maximum heat of 1500 watts, and a minimum of 1000 watts designed to conserve energy.

The Bionaire Silent Micathermic Radiator heater also comes with an ultra-lightweight design making it very portable and easy to lift and move around. It is considerably lighter than most oil-filled heaters. This product also comes with a flat panel for a sleeker look and design. The unit likewise has an automatic shut off to prevent overheating and causing fires and accidents.
Overall, the Bionair Silent Micathermic Radiator Heater is packed with useful and functional features that will surely allow you to create a comfortable indoor environment.

Portable Heaters: A Popular Heating Choice

portable heaterThese days the best way to heat your home or office is with portable heaters. There are different kinds of these heaters, good for many different sized areas. Not only are they more convenient, but they are more economical as well.

You can choose between either an electric or a gas heater. When trying to decide between the two, you should take into consideration the size of the area you wish to heat. Generally speaking the small gas heaters are cheaper to run. This does, however, depend on how much you plan on using it and whether gas is readily available in your area.

Believe it or not using one of these can save you money. If you have a large home and typically spend most of your time in one room you could close off the rooms you do not use and heat the smaller areas with a portable heater. This is less expensive than running a central heating unit, especially if you are running this unit for a bunch of empty rooms. You can also use this small addition to add extra heat to a single room in the event a family member, such as a child or senior, needs the added warmth.

Another good use for these small heaters is for outdoor use. There is no need to cancel patio or garden parties due to a chill. There are portable heaters appropriate for just this purpose, such as halogen patio heaters. Providing warmth and comfort for just about any outdoor use, even camping.

So as you can see there are many different reasons to begin using a portable heater, whether you decide to use one for added comfort or to for your fall bar-be-cue. One thing is for certain and that is the money you can save by using it. Who knows what you could do with the savings from using these tiny heaters?

This article was a guest post by the good guys at Halogen Heaters.net.