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Heated Toilet Seats – Why Not?

heated toilet seatLooking for and interesting and practical gift for someone, or even for yourself? Yes it could be a gag gift, but quite frankly it is a very practical gift, something we have all encountered and want to avoid. Ever sit on a cold toilet seat in the middle of the night or in the morning? Uncomfortable, eh? Guess what, you can easily install a heated toilet seat to avoid those problems.

Yes I said heated toilet seat. Sounds funny but think about it. We all hate sitting down on a cold hard seat. Why do that when we can solve that problem easily?

Heated toilet seats can be installed by anyone in less than 15 minutes. You don’t need a plumber or a handyman, if you have a screwdriver, you can do it yourself. All you need to do is unscrew your old seat and replace it with a new heated toilet seat. No additional wiring is necessary, simply plug it into a bathroom wall outlet and enjoy the warmth of your new toilet seat.

A heated toilet seat just plugs into any bathroom outlet. A seat will warm up to about 95 degrees. Some of the more expensive model has a temperature setting if you would like to set the temp higher or lower. All heated toilet seats are rated by UL so they pass government inspections. They will not use much electricity, just about 2 night-lights worth of juice. This way you can keep the seat are warm at all times making it much more convenient to use.

You can find a Kohler heated toilet seat. Toto also makes them. These will have more options than most other toilet seats and will be more expensive. If you look around the Internet you can find a heated toilet seat starting at about $35.

You can shop for a new heated toilet seat at the big box retailers or shop online for them. They come in many colors so you should be able to find one to match your current toilet seat.

So stop laughing and look into a heated toilet seat for early morning comfort.