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Decorating your outdoor space with a garden clock

There are many good reasons to buy garden clock to hang outside in your favorite space. Maybe you don’t like wearing a wrist watch while gardening, or just like to be able to keep an eye on the time as you sit outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Or perhaps you just love to decorate your garden with beautiful ornaments that reflect how much the garden means to you.
When selecting a clock to hang out doors there are a few things you should keep in mind. If you want the clock to be totally exposed, so it will get wet, frosty, or snowed on, then make sure that it is a fairly solid and well built model – it is going to have to put up with some bad weather. Make sure that it is actually sold as being water proof, and not just weather resistant or something similar, otherwise you will find it will not last a full season.

Depending on what design of garden clock you are after, you may have to look in online stores. While most garden and outdoor living stores sell a few models, they are usually fairly basic ones. You may be after something like an antique look garden clock, or a replica train station clock, and if you do want something a bit fancy or even exotic, then online is the way to go: Ebay, Amazon, and many other stores sell an amazingly wide range of garden accessories, clocks among them.

When you have selected the model you want, don’t forget to organize some mounting hardware. If you are just planning to hang the garden clock on a wall or a tree then you will probably just need some thin wire or strong twine, and a screw fastener. Keep in mind though that larger, heavier garden clocks need to be secured more carefully and you may need to buy suitably large screws, hooks or a mounting bracket.