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Some Advantages of Runner Rugs

The term ‘runner rug’ is used to describe a rug that is more long and narrow than standard rugs. Their intended use is to run the length of a hallway, staircase, or other narrow part of the home. Oftentimes, they’re referred to as hall runners or stair runners. Some homes may not have a stairs, but most tend to have hallways. These confined area, ironically, get more traffic than any other area. Using runner rugs to decorate and protect halls and stairs is a very cost effective alternative to carpeting.

Wall to wall carpeting can become costly. If your hallway or staircase is hardwood, why would you want to completely cover their beautiful look? Instead, use the benefits of a rug to protect the floor while at the same time adding warmth and color. A good rug will actually draw the eye down and accentuate the hardwood flooring more. Rugs are also easy to move if you want a quick change to the area.

Stair Runners

If you happen to be a home owner with a beautiful wooden staircase, runner rugs can help to spruce it up even more while at the same time protecting the finish. A finely crafted wooden staircase is a treasure in a home. Rugs will actually add to their beauty and help draw more attention to it. Rugs for stairs are similar to rugs used in hallways, except they sometimes lack the backing of hall runners. Oftentimes, they’re secured to the stairs with the use of rods and this adds another element of decoration. Stair runners also serve a practical purpose by helping to prevent slips and falls on the stairs.

The Benefits of Using Runner Rugs


Standard area rugs and rug runners are easy and expressive ways to interior decorate. The styles, textures, and colors of these rugs are endless. When you go to find a rug for the area you’re decorating, the chances of not finding one you like are impossible. Runner rugs are a quick, inexpensive way to transform a narrow space in your home and can be easily replaced to change the look again and again.


If your hall or stairs has hardwood flooring, chances are, it can become slippery when wet. This can pose a very serious hazard, particularly on staircases. The use of rug runners will help to diminish the chance of falls occurring. For halls, use a good quality pad under the runner to keep it from moving on the floor. When it comes to stairs, the runner should be long enough to cover the rise and run of each step and secured properly. You can secure the rug yourself, but if you’re unsure how to do it properly, consult a professional. Improperly fitted stair runners can pose more of a trip hazard than anything else.


Walking on hardwood floors, especially in a confined hallway space, can be noisy. Runner rugs help to reduce this noise by muffling the sound.

Warmth and Comfort

Have you ever walk on a hardwood floor barefoot first thing in the morning? Rugs, especially ones made from wool, will add warmth and comfort to hardwood. Wool rugs can even help more because they tend to trap warm air and can help reduce heating bills. Along with being warm, rugs are a soft and comfortable alternative to hardwood.


Carpeting can be expensive to maintain and clean. By using area rugs, any dirt that’s been tracked in or accidental spills can be easily cleaned, usually quickly and inexpensively. If the rug becomes worn out, or is damaged beyond repair, it can be quickly removed or replaced without interrupting the flow of traffic.