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What Are The Right Gutter Cleaning Tools to Use?

Gutter cleaning tools are very needful when you decide to clean your gutter. It is a crucial thing to clean your gutter since any debris will be accumulated. If you fail to get rid of it, you may experience home structural and water issues. Thus, you needed the proper tools to aid you on this kind of chore. (Gutter Cleaning Portland Oregon.)

Goggles and Hand Gloves

Goggles and gloves go hand it hand. They were usually considered as safety precaution gadgets. Both are designed to protect your body. When you clean your roof gutter, it is always necessary to rest or grasp on to the edges to keep your balance. Since gutters have knife-like edges, it is important to wear a pair of gloves, as this will cover up your hands. Goggles, on the hand, are very needful when sweeping off the debris on the gutter. It will keep your eyes from direct contact of those small particles.


You do not have wings or any super power to fly to your roof’s gutter. Hence, you need a ladder. Choose a ladder that is long enough to reach the gutter without stepping on the top two steps. A stepladder is for conventional home use while for a large house, an articulating ladder is needed.

A Large, Empty Container

A bucket, trash bags or cans, or a large, empty barrel is also vital, but not really mandatory. The container will collect the debris as you swept it down. This will lessen your work and effort, since all you need to do is pick the container and throw it directly onto your compost pit.

Gutter Scoops

Use to scoop out any debris, dirt, twigs, leaves or any object in your gutter. You can actually purchase them from any offline or online store. They come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Water Hose

After you scoop out debris from your gutter, finish it with water cleaning to give it a good rinse. This will make your gutter smooth and you can ensure that water can flow simultaneously. This way also you can check if your gutter has small holes or is damaged.

How to Avoid Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning the gutter system on your house is one of the worst chores you have to complete as a home owner. Not only is it dangerous, but it is time consuming and a little gross. In addition, you need lots of different gutter cleaning tools. What I there was a way to avoid this chore altogether? The truth is that there is a way and that is to install gutter guards. Gutter guards are systems that keep debris from getting into the gutters in the first place. Therefore, you never need to clean them out. You might need to occasionally move things that cover the holes, but that is much less significant than cleaning out entire gutter systems.

There are several different types of gutter guards to choose from. Some gutter guard systems are nothing more than some mesh covering the top of the gutters. If you decide to use this variety then you need to be careful when selecting the mesh size. If the holes are too big, then you will still let some debris in to the gutter system. In this case, cleaning the gutters might be even harder because you need to remove the gutter guards in order to clean.

Another type of gutter guard is one like the Amerimax gutter guard where there is a small slit at the outer most edge of the guard to let water fall back into the gutters while debris runs off the side of the house. These gutter guards work on a principle known as water adhesion. As water and debris make their way down the roof and to the very edge of the gutter guard, the leaves and twigs will fall off the edge. Because of the properties of water, the rain adheres to the edge of the gutter guard for a heartbeat longer and then travels slightly backward on the underside of the gutter guard and then into the gutter system.