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Designing Your Garden in Untraditional Ways

Vegetable garden design is a complex subject with many areas and intricacies. While many people choose to use a traditional method of gardening, others like to switch things up and make their garden more unique. This is perfectly acceptable to do, and is even encouraged. By taking on different designs, you can make your garden work even more efficiently and you can get greater results. In addition, as long as you keep basic principles in mind, you do not need to be very experienced to get it done.

You should do whatever you think will look best, as long as the plants get the attention they need. Some people like to line up their plants in patterns, instead of just putting them in straight lines (although that works very well too). There are countless ideas that you can take advantage of, such as grouping plants into boxes or going diagonal. The important thing to remember is that no plant should be blocking the light of the ones around it, and as long as this is true, the only thing you need to think about is getting all of them the proper amount of water and fertilizer.

It also may be the case that you only want to grow a few plants, and having a whole garden may not be necessary. If this is the route you want to take, then you don’t really need to have a garden based in the soil. Instead, you can grow your vegetables within pots or containers, which makes the process a lot easier and enables you to treat each plant in a more personal manner. And there is always the option to expand and transplant your crops if you want to expand the size of your operation, as long as you have a backyard and the other proper tools.