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St. Augustine Grass

grassSt. Augustine grass is a type of lawn grass that is most popular in various areas in the southern part of the US. This grass is typically tropical in nature so it thrives well in warm, humid areas. It does not do well in areas that have cold weather. Usually coarse with wide blade and very dark green leaves, this grass is great for lawns that have salty or alkaline grounds.

Like any other types of lawn grasses, St. Augustine needs to be given proper care so they can grow well and provide beauty to the lawns at a maximum level. St Augustine grass care may involve regular watering of the sods if they are newly planted. Fertilizer may also be needed to make the grasses healthier and greener. When they are already established on the ground or are already fully grown, they may need regular mowing. Mowing of this grass may need to be set at a high level setting because low cutting may have a negative impact on root growth and may reduce the tolerance level of the grass from stress.

From time to time, inspection of the grass may also be needed. If you are using this type of grass for your lawn, you may need to check for brown patches and a display of bare roots. These conditions may be signs of St. Augustine grass problems.

The usual problem that may beset St. Augustine grasses is the infestation of insect pests such as chinch bugs and grubs. To avoid or get rid of these problems, you need to apply insecticides on your lawn.

With proper care, St. Augustine grass can greatly add elegance and attraction to lawns. If you want, you may even be able to control the intensity of its color. With the right fertilizer, you can maximize the green in this type of lawn grass.