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The Case For Fitting Fireplace Doors In Your Fireplace Installation

A fireplace in your house adds atmosphere and warmth and a touch of character to an otherwise bare and barren room. If you are thinking about installing a fireplace, then installing a fire with fireplace doors give you several advantages over a traditional open fireplace. For a start many doors look quite eye-catching and so add a layer of visual appeal to the overall aesthetics of the room. Fireplaces with doors make for a fire that burns much more efficiently.

Fireplace Door Benefits

Perhaps foremost on your mind when you decide to install fireplace doors is that efficiency factor. Doors that completely seal off the fireplace opening, prevent air from escaping up the chimney when the fire has burnt out. This results in lingering heat after you have extinguished the fire. The fact that air is trapped inside the firebox, also results in more air being fed to the fire which will generate more heat. In most modern fireplaces the airflow can be controlled which allows you to vary the heat level.

Fireplace doors also add a decorative touch to your room. There are many different styles, so there is a lot of choice in choosing a door style that matches your decor, along with any fireplace kits and accessories you decorate with.
Safety is another factor and perhaps the most important advantage that a fireplace door provides. By keeping the doors close, the fireplace is prevented from spitting out, ashes, hot sparks and embers which could potentially cause a house fire.

Types of Fireplace Doors

There are many types of fireplace doors, but perhaps the most popular material used in doors is glass. The glass panel used in a fireplace door is typically tempered in order that it withstand the intense heat of the fire, while allowing enough heat to radiate outwards.

Fireplace doors made out of glass are usually framed with a metal border made from a common metal such as brass, steel or wrought-iron. Fireplace doors are hinged and usually held in place by a strong magnet. You should be careful not to touch a door directly, however as doors tend to get extremely hot when the fire is burning at its strongest. You should also be careful not to strike a glass door with wood when you are loading it into the fire.
Metal doors tend to be less popular due to the fact that they block off the fire completely, but these are sturdy, won’t break like glass and are very energy-efficient in their own right. They tend to be favoured on stand-up fireplaces or fireboxes.

In between, there are hybrid fireplace doors that feature a combination of glass and metal. In these doors the bottom half tends to be metal and the top made of glass. There are many variations of hybrid doors and you could spend many hours picking the right one.