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Glass Candle Holders – chic yet understated

A glass candle holder in its own subtle way adds a lot of glamour to a space. It is stylish yet not in an overbearing way and can be used with many candles from delicate tea lights to the more robust and prominent pillar candles. In recent times, glass candle holders have become one of the most popular home décor accessories due to being both economical and fashionable.

Glass candle holders come in many sizes and shapes although the most common ones are perhaps the glass votive candle holders. There are also the stately glass pillar candle holders and the sizeable glass hurricane candle holders – both of which add a touch of sophistication to a room.

Glass votive candle holders can be seen in a variety of settings. They give delicate lighting to any private dinner table at a restaurant and can serve the function of perfuming a kitchen. Their cute, small shape makes them easy to place anywhere and thus popular. Moreover glass votive candle holders are inexpensive compared to their counterparts and their accompaniments, the plain yet pretty tea lights are also less pricey than pillar candles which can be placed in both glass hurricane and pillar candle holders. Certainly, the effect of all three is varied and unique but inarguably the glass votive candle holders are the most economical.

Glass hurricane candle holders on the other hand are less subtle due to their relatively larger size and interesting shape. With a wide, open top and a distinctive old-world touch (due to their shape resembling lanterns of the past) glass hurricane candle holders make an ideal centre piece on a centre table.

The elongated glass pillar candle holders are the ideal stylish accessories that effortlessly achieve that much desired chic look. Demure yet imperial looking, glass pillar candle holders in all sizes are becoming popular with home owners and decorators due to their attractive silhouettes. Together with ornate candles, these holders make a grander statement for a more formal space.

Candles perform the function of perfuming a room as they release a lovely scent, but when combined with glass candle holders, their status is further elevated from mere functional accessories to visually attractive pieces. Any of the three glass candle holders discussed above can add that subtle, trendy feel to any space. The best quality of all glass candle holders is that they are cheap compared to other home décor accessories and yet they do not compromise on quality or artistic value.