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Do it Yourself Ways to Get Rid of Termites

Termites can be a serious problem for homeowners.  Luckily there are  plenty of do it yourself ways to get rid of termites.

The poison method is the one do it your self way to get rid of your termite problem, that is the most dangerous method to perform. Poisons are scattered in various areas of the house and yard and in a sense infect the termite colony with their toxic properties. These toxic properties can also be very unhealthy to animals and humans too though, that’s why many people turn to a termite baiting or staking method.

Termite baiting will always allow you control in any situation where a attacked structure seems like it is untreatable due to soil termiticides. There is a strong concern about the use of pesticides or market chemicals in any structure where soil treatments failed in past times as I said before. To start out baits need to be spread all through the area where the termite colony is located, the reason for this is that termites are known to feed each other and they are also known to groom each other, this means that they are climbing all over each other and making contact constantly. Baits also use chemicals that are some what toxic but they use very small doses of chemicals that are only toxic to specific insects. Compare baits with the many chemicals used in other treatments and they overall blemish, they are more effective, more safe, and cheaper. Another reason that baits are usually better than poison chemical treatments is because baits are put in an underground area setting and are not accessible to children and pets.

Another do it yourself termite control method that is very popular is termite stakes. Termite stakes are nailed deep down into the ground in various areas around the house and the yard.  These holes are exactly ten feet apart and two to three feet away from the house. Other termite stakes are to be stuck in the various spots where there are the most termites like mulch beds, spigots, and around sprinklers. After you put your stakes in they must be properly inspected every two to three months. This is done by digging the stakes up and seeing if the bait has been eaten at all. You may find a hoard of termites on the stake, yo may find evidence that they’ve been feasting or you may simply find nothing. With the termite stake method more stakes are placed within a foot of where activity is found to be concentrated. The key element when going the stake route is too replace the stakes before they are fully devoured if they are being hit upon.