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Quick Easy Street Appeal with Decorative Strap Hinges

Strap hinges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve a number of purposes ranging from functional to decorative. This article will explore the different options and provide you with some guidance in choosing a strap hinge that provides quick, easy, and inexpensive street appeal.

Typical gate hinges consist of a regular tee strap hinge. Instead of the kind of elbow hinge you might find on an indoor passageway, this kind of strap lays flat to the surface and extends beyond the rotation point across the face of the gate, providing additional support and leverage. Gate hinges, unlike interior hinges, must provide support for a door which is usually not supported by a structured door jamb.

But the strap hinge need not be functional to have impact. In addition to the regular single strap, manufacturers are now making what they refer to as a dummy strap. This flat piece of metal simply attaches to the face of your gate. It has the advantage of providing an updated decorator look at a reasonable price without the need to change out existing hardware.

Since the entryway to your house is a first impression, the entry to your yard should convey the same message. If you’d like to enhance the look and feel of an ordinary gate by adding this kind of decorative feature, consider strategically placed decorative strap hinges. Styles include western-styled arrows, classic spade tips, elegant mustache and horn-shaped scrollwork, and elaborate gothic ironwork. Another option to enhance an entry is adding a dummy strap to a garage door. This simple step can turn a regular garage entry into a carriage style door with little investment of time and money.

Before making the final decision about which kind of strap fits your style and decor, examine the finishes available. Most hinges come in a variety of colors just like plumbing and door hardware, but the finish that seals in and protects it from the elements is of primary concern. Consider a rugged galvanized or stainless steel material, or a manufacturer that applies a hard powder-coated surface to their hardware.

Whatever your choice, the addition of strap hinges to a gate or garage will quickly enhance the perceived value of your home, provide an inviting entryway, and become a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to increase your home’s street appeal.