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Types of Light Chandeliers – Narrowing Down Your Options

Light chandeliers are elegant lighting fixtures that provide lighting to all sorts of spaces. With the endless list of choices, choosing one that fits becomes a bit confusing. To do that you need to have a basic knowledge of the basic types of light chandeliers so that you will be able to choose the type that will fit your space best. The different types are as follows:

  1. Victorian – These chandeliers give you a vintage feel, specifically down the 70’s. It is basically composed of stacked glass blown globes that are fixed to a brass frame. This type of chandeliers would go best in rooms with wood panels.
  2. Gas Electric – Made of heavy engraved glass with tulip shaped flutes, these chandeliers where before used with candles. However, with electricity available, candles are then replaced with candle shaped or just plain and simple light bulbs.
  3. Arts and Crafts – This type of chandeliers are common with the contemporary light fixtures. Instead of sitting like a cup, the shades open downwards making the light brighter.
  4. Mission Style – These chandeliers are very easy to spot. They give out a dimmer light as compared to the other types. It is because of its shades that are usually square and are made of pearly opaque or streaked white glass.
  5. Wagon Wheel – It is very famous in the 70’s especially in the suburban areas. It consists of a wooden wheel for the frame and small lamp shades. It was commonly seen over dining tables in the suburbs.
  6. Atomic Age – This was a revival of the 50’s fad. These chandeliers generally look like stars that shoot off different colors making it look like a disco ball. It does not give off sufficient lighting though.
  7. Art Deco – This chandelier casts off romantic soft lighting. Most of it comes in green or pink variation and has shades that are flower shaped flutes. It also has some pendant drops giving it the combination exact for an art deco character.

Knowing these types of chandeliers, you will be able to significantly narrow down your options. You can just give the store attendant the type of chandelier that you are looking for and you can be lead directly to the area where this specific type is placed. With that, choosing the best one will no longer be that confusing.