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Choosing Flower Pots for Stylish Gardens

Because of the endless possibilities for garden décor themes, the designs and materials used for flower pots greatly vary. This means, people should not have a difficult time in finding the most suitable for their preferences or their existing décor. There are pots for plants and flowers that are intended for outdoor use.

There are also ones made for creating indoor gardens. No matter how minimal indoor and outdoor setups are, people simply cannot deny how it transforms the space into something more relaxing. Aside from the production of oxygen, aesthetics has also much to do with how it affects the ambiance of the room.

There are ones meant to be displayed on the floor while others are intended to be used with other pieces. For instance, lightweight versions are ideal for those plants that need to be hanged. As some flowering plants need to be appreciated more, pots can also be placed on top of pedestals to set them at eye level.

Materials used for making flower pots include different kinds of clay and some synthetic materials. The finishing can also vary. Some people like the idea of making use of pots in their raw state. Those are especially ideal in country style and primitive décor. Others choose those that have varnishes especially when they want more protection. Those finished in varnish look more polished and those may be fitting for certain kinds of decorating themes. It really depends on what the overall theme décor the space has.

For instance, modern interiors may do better with fiberglass pots. Ones finished in bright colored paints would also do wonders especially that it would stand out against the neutral background. On the other hand, those with a natural look such as weathered terra cotta, brown stones and black stones and other alternative garden pots would blend much better in spaces with rustic appeal.

Survival Seeds – Good or Bad Idea?

If you’ve watched TV or listened to talk radio recently, you’ve probably heard spokespeople pushing survival seeds as a way for you to prepare for hard times. According to these ads, these seeds will produce enough for you and your family to live off of plus probably share with your neighbors or family. Have you ever wondered how much of these ads are hype and how much of the info is the truth? Well, here’s my take on these ads and what you need to know.

First off, of the survival seed packets, bags, banks or whatever they’re calling their product, all have been way overpriced compared to what you could go out and obtain the seeds yourself and secure them in a waterproof container. Sure, you can say that for nearly everything we buy, but these so called survival seeds really take the cake.

Some claim to be heirloom seeds while others I have seen contain some hybrid varieties. If you truly want to put some seeds back for whatever reason, and especially if it’s for an emergency preparedness situation, you should only use heirloom seeds. Not only that, but you should know which varieties grow best in your area.

Of course, the very best source for your own seed bank would be from your own plants. Many people put back their own seeds. It’s not difficult to learn how to do. There are many books on the subject and in a year, you can have way more seeds than you ever thought possible.

My suggestion would be to save your money and buy your own seeds. Then once you have those seeds, plant some as a source for your own heirloom seeds and put the other half back. Just make sure you put them in a waterproof container. Then you’ll have your very own survival seed bank, or whatever you want to call it!

How To Start A Compost Heap In Your Garden

As a gardener your main priority might be to have the most perfectly beautiful garden in your neighbourhood.  However you might also want to think about the environment and the wildlife that makes use of your garden.  Remember a garden isn’t just for the benefit of humans, it’s also for the benefit of birds, animals and insects.

This is why you should start a compost.  You may shudder at the thought of having vegetables rotting away in your prized garden but it’s nowhere near as bad as all that.  Sure, you can make a compost heap which is ugly and messy, however you can also create one which is neat and tidy.

The first great benefit of a compost is that you are reducing the amount of organic materials you are adding to the landfill.  The strange thing about kitchen waste rotting in landfill is that it releases methane gas however in the compost heap it doesn’t.  This is because you mix the compost up to allow oxygen to flow through it.  With landfill everything gets compacted down and this keeps the oxygen out.

There are different types of compost heap you can have in your garden.  When it comes to attracting wildlife such as hedgehogs, toads and such like, you need to create a heap which allows for access.  If it is sealed up then there’s no way for these creatures to get in.  Unfortunately this means the most wildlife friendly type is also the messiest type so if you go for this, make sure you create some sort of screen so that it’s out of sight.

You also need to understand what things to add into your compost and what items to leave out.  If you add in meat and fish you will simply attract vermin which is certainly not a good idea.  You also need a good balance of wet items (grass clippings and kitchen waste) with dry items (paper, cardboard and wood chippings).  If you have a compost that’s too wet you will attract flies.  If you have a compost that’s too dry it won’t break down into soil easily.

Hopefully you now have a fairly good idea of why you should start a compost and what you need to do to maintain it.  There are loads more composting tips on the internet if you want to research it further.

How to buy a garden bench

When shopping for a garden bench it can be very helpful to know some tips and hints that will help you to make an educated purchase.  Anytime you are paying money for something, especially garden decoration, you want to get the best value for your money.  Learning some basics about buying outdoor furniture products can go along ways to helping you get the most bang for your buck.  It will also help you to narrow down which products you know you are interested in purchasing and allows you to then focus on finding those products for the best prices.

One thing you may have noticed when shopping for garden décor is the amount of options and products available.  Whether you are shopping online or at your local retailer the number of products available can be overwhelming.  To help narrow these down you need follow some simple guidelines.  You need to pay close attention to the material the garden bench is made of as well as the quality of its design and construction.  You need to find out if the bench will maintain its color as well as its shape in your areas climate.  Is the garden bench made of environmentally friendly materials and does the supplier offer you a warranty on the bench for your garden.  The last thing to make sure of before buying is that the seller is able to answer the above questions or at least find out the answers for you.

The above guidelines will help you to find a high quality, environmentally friendly product that will last for years in your outdoor garden.  There is not much worse than purchasing a product and having it fall apart on you within six months to one year of buying it.

Making an educated decision about the material and construction of the garden bench you are considering can be crucial.  Some good material options include recycled plastic, cedar wood, teak wood, and metal.  Any of these would be great choices and would provide you with a high quality bench.  Pay close attention to the structural build of the bench to make sure that it has a solid and sound build.  This is an important step that you do not want to skip because you want your product to be able to hold the weight that you need for your purposes.

If you follow the above guidelines when buying a garden bench, as well as other garden décor you will always make a quality purchase.  This can go a long ways for helping you get the best quality for your money.

Beware of Poison Oak in Your Garden

The garden is often a place of relaxation and peace, but not all plants are made the same! As a matter of fact, some plants contain substances and toxins that can cause serious adverse reactions in your skin, among them we have poison ivy, poison sumac, and the plant that I will talk about in this article: poison oak.

In all three of them, the root problem is the same: Urushiol. This is a toxin present in these plants that causes a severe allergic reaction in a great percentage of the population, some estimates indicating that 3 out of 4 people suffer from urushiol-induced contact dermatitis.

There are people who are immune to the effects of this toxin, but in every case, over time the immunity will wear down, making these people more and more prone to develop a poison oak skin rash.

If you come in contact with poison oak, you should prepare for some of the worst of weeks of your life. And there is no poison oak cure that will totally get rid of the problem. Medicine has yet to find a way, and all treatments are aimed at relieving the symptoms, mainly the itching and the formation of blisters.

How bad can the rash get? It can get pretty bad! A lot of people only develop redness and small blisters, while other people have a stronger reaction from their immune system, and this shows with the appearance of big oozing blisters. In severe cases, some prescription medicine is used by the doctor.

So, the main prevention step, is to get rid of poison oak in your garden, and for this, you’ll need to recognize the plant. You have to be really careful when removing poison oak from your garden, and fo this purpose, the best is to get the help from a specialized garden company, as they may have more experience on dealing with this plant and removing it in its entirety.

How the Aerogarden is Revolutionizing Gardening

Gardening, for the most part, was limited to only a few seasons of the year, and required you getting dirty and messing, and hoping that the elements didn’t ruin your plants.  Other concerns included making sure the plants get enough light, that they aren’t being eaten by bugs, and that they get watered properly every day.  That was quite time consuming just to be able to enjoy some fresh vegetables and herbs and plants.

Well, then came the Aerogarden.  This revolutionary system used hydroponics, a way of growing seeds in water with a combination of lighting and nutrient delivery.  The Aerogarden became extremely popular after being advertised on home shopping television channels and infomercials.  They were also featured in elite magazines like the Sky Mall and other places that can reach a lot of people.  There have been over 100,000 Aerogardens sold, and they continue to be an extremely popular item for all types of people.

They were really popular because they allowed people who don’t have a garden, like those who live in a condo or an apartment, to be able to now grow fresh herbs and spices in their own home, without having to worry about the messiness that dirt causes, nor having to worry about bugs attacking their plants.

There are many different models, but some of the models like the Aerogarden Pro 200, contain beautiful, brushed stainless steel that will go well in any office, living room, or even office cubicle.  Depending on your needs, the various Aerogarden models come in different sizes.  They all have a light source that gives the plants just the right amount of light.  And since the lights are emulating the sun, you can grow plants all year long, since they are getting the proper amount of light and are temperature controlled.  The microprocessors in the Aerogardens make sure that the nutrients are delivered to the plants in the proper amounts and at the proper times.

If you haven’t seen the Aerogarden but you love to garden, then they may be a perfect addition to your current garden!