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How To Choose The Perfect Garden Bench

Garden_bench_001There isn’t a gardener in the world who doesn’t know the feeling – you go to your garden and there’s something that’s missing. You pinch a few dead leaves here, trim some hedge there. Maybe you give that little garden gnome statue a quick polish. But it doesn’t help – your garden is missing something.

If that sounds like you and your garden, have no fear. It’s simply the indication of a genuine gardener, one who simply can’t leave her garden alone. The truth is, the moment you believe you have created the perfect garden then you might as well retire your green thumb.

Instead, the next time you stand next to the rose bush idly wondering what else you add here, ask yourself this: are your feet a little tired? Is your back complaining just a little? Do you wish you could just rest for a few minutes without having to leave your garden?

Answer yes to any of those questions and you know it’s time for a good garden bench!

Garden benches are too often overlooked when it comes to garden statuary. Aren’t they really just outdoor furniture? Don’t they belong next to the pool or up on the deck?

Don’t limit your thinking on this subject. Garden furniture is a good idea. Think for a minute how sweet it would be to just sit down in the midst of all the lovely blossoms and heavenly bouquets of your own garden?

And if that isn’t enough to persuade you, then try this. A garden bench is a great way to spice up your garden’s look and feel. It doesn’t matter if you go with a simple wooden bench or a fancy marble one – whatever your budget and aesthetic sensibilities allow for, really. The sky is the limit.

Between the size and shape of the bench – and of course its color and tone – and the placement of it in your garden, you have plenty of options. And another bonus is that you can always move the bench to catch the light or focus on a particularly pleasing flower.