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Shading Your Garden With Netting

shade netting 1For those is less temperate climates in the summer time, it is important to find ways to lessen the stress on your plants and garden. Particularly in desert climates where coverage from trees and foliage are scarce, it is important to get creative in your efforts to shade and cool your plants from the heat of the sun. Even areas that aren’t considered desert climates can often benefit from adding a degree of shading into their home gardens.

One of the best ways to protect your plants from the direct heat of the sun in the summer is by installing garden shade netting in strategic places around your yard. Heat-sensitive plants can be targeted, allowing you to position the netting so that the hottest part of the day is covered in shade.

Installation of these different netting systems is generally quite simple. A simple support structure, fencing, ropes, or other attachments make placement above you plants a manageable task. Some nets can even be directly placed on top of the plant to add both shade and protection from pests.

Not only can installing garden shade netting allow you to shade your garden in the heat of the summer sun, it can also help to facilitate the growth of your young fall gardens as well. One of the problems that many gardeners face when planting their fall gardens is that the ideal planting days often fall under direct heat of summer. This makes conditions for the young plant often to harsh to succeed. Adding garden netting can help lower the temperature, prevent sun damage, and assist the young plant in its early stages.

Gardeners that have implemented garden nets into their own home gardens have found that it has done wonders to enhance their own enjoyment from their efforts, and increased their overall gardening experience. Garden netting is an excellent way to extend the life of your plants, and even introduce plants into the garden that otherwise would struggle under the heat.

Shading Your Garden With Garden Shade Netting

garden shade nettingFor many, the thought of shading their garden never even crosses their mind. We are taught from an early age that plants require sunlight to grow. Garden netting for shade protection tends to be a little counter-intuitive to this concept, but can ultimately increase your overall satisfaction with your garden.

The real strength of adding shade to your garden strategy is that you can implement a number of different techniques that would otherwise be impossible to do. During the heat of the summer, some plants simply will not grow. And while tomatoes and beans tend to thrive in the heat, plants such as lettuce and other greens have a difficult time with the hot weather.

A great way to extent the season of your winter and cold weather plants is by providing them with some garden shade netting to protect them from the sun. This will cool the air temperature around the plant and allow you to extend the season into the summer.

This concept also works in reverse. By shading your seedlings in the late summer, you can also allow yourself better chance of a successful fall crop. The shade helps protect your seeds from drying out and cracking before they have a chance to germinate and take root.

The netting used for shade can easily provide your garden with levels of diversity that you would have otherwise been improbable. Particularly in a desert garden, cooler weather plants will have a much better success ratio.

Next time you visit a nursery in a hotter climate, take note of the shade protection the nursery employs. Most will have netting spanning across the roof or trellis system. This allows the nursery to extend the life of their plants, trees, and vegetables, and allows them to maintain the quality that their customers demand from them.