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The Top 3 Garden Hose Types

If you are shopping for a new garden hose, you may feel a bit bewildered with the seemingly dozens of different choices you are faced with. A little extra information is always good when you are trying to make an informed purchase, so check out my list of the top 3 garden hose types you should be looking at – staring from the bottom:

Number 3 – Reinforced vinyl garden hose
This is one of the most common types out there, and it can be had in many different qualities and at many price points. What you need to know, is that the quality depends on 3 things: The quality of the vinyl used, the quality and amount of reinforcement used and the number of layers of material all in all. You cannot take out any one of the three elements here and have a good hose. You need several layers of material, they must be of good quality and supplemented with good reinforcement. Look for a 4-5 layer hose, with multiple layers of reinforcement.

Number 2 – Reinforced rubber garden hose
Reinforced rubber hose is the original garden hose and it is still alive and kicking today. Rubber hoses are usually able to take a lot more internal water pressure than most vinyl hoses, and they have the advantage that they very rarely get kinks when bent – they are simply too stiff for that to happen. Again, the quality and thickness of the rubber layers matter, as do their numbers and the reinforcement.

Number 1 – Polyurethane garden hose
This is a relatively new material to be used with garden hoses, but most of the hoses that have appeared on the market have very attractive characteristics. For one thing, they are a lot lighter than rubber hoses and quality vinyl hoses. They are also resistant to kinks – and many of the hoses are also certified for transporting drinking water – something the other types of hose cannot touch. Supposedly they are now used at the White House, which must say something about their quality.

That was a little extra info for you. Whatever type you choose to buy, make sure you do not buy a hose without reinforcement, but apart from that, all these hoses will work well for you.