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Garage Storage Units Overhead

If you truly want to come up with some great garage storage ideas, you need to look all around the space to think how you are going to make the most out of the room you have to work with. Most people look at the side garage walls as well as the back wall for what they are going to use for the majority of their garage storage needs. This may work in most cases, but if you have a smaller sized garage or if you have a decent sized garage but have large cars like SUVs or trucks, you may find that you have less room to work with than you originally expected to.

Photo By: Joe Shlabotnik

There are several options to address this issue. One option is to build or buy a shed for out in the backyard. Another option is to pay for a storage facility where you can store additional items that may not fit inside the space. A third and better option than the first two is to use all of the ceiling area for storage with overhead garage storage units.

These units offer some great flexibility as they can be installed either above the garage door tracks or in the space where the tracks end and the back wall of the garage because you can adjust the heights of the overhead units in most cases.

These units work great for storing items such as holiday decorations or seasonal items that you are only going to need to get once or twice per year. having them up in the air means they are out of the way or the other items on the ground that you need to use on a more regular basis. They also serve as a great place to store large or bulky items that are not not going fit in the typical storage places such as cabinets or on shelves.