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How To Make A Garage Floor Look Better

If you are tired of that ugly grey, concrete floor then applying a good quality garage floor coating will be just what you need to add some color.  One other nice feature of coating your floor is you can make it much safer by adding a non-slip topping which will give good traction and footing even if you spill a little oil or your car brings in rain water or melting snow.  There are two main ways to treat your floor, garage floor paint and an epoxy based garage floor coating.  For longevity, the epoxy based product is going to make you happier.

Before adding any treatment to your garage floor be sure to check to see if a sealer has been applied to the surface.  Whether you use paint or epoxy a pre-existing sealer will shorten the life of the new coating dramatically because it will not allow the product to adhere to the concrete.  You can check for a sealer by using the water test.  First clean the floor with a good degreaser and then wash with soap and water.  Next, spray a light mist of water on the floor and watch how the water reacts.  If it beads up you have a sealer which must be removed.  The best method for this is to apply a weak solution of muriatic acid.  You can find this at most home repair stores.  Clean the floor once again and recheck.  If the water does not bead then you can proceed with the treatment.

Follow the directions on the package exactly because shortcuts will mean you won’t get the life you desire out of the floor.  Be sure to purchase anti-slip additives no matter whether you decide to go with less expensive paint or longer lasting epoxy floor coatings.  In both cases you just spread the topping on the floor before the coating dries.  It is the same action as feeding chickens in the barnyard or ducks at the local park.

Installing garage floor coverings is a great weekend project that will make your garage look great.

Choosing the Right Garage Floor Coverings

garage-floor-tilesGarage floors are the most difficult to beautify primarily because of the room’s main function. All garage flooring is subject to cracking, chipping or staining from oils, chemicals, etc. Creating an attractive and comfortable environment for your garage floor is always a problem and one way of getting this is by incorporating garage floor covering.

There are floor tiles designs that are intended specifically to the function of the garage. These garage flooring tiles are a cost effective alternative to epoxy floor coatings or other garage floor coating. Garage flooring tiles last longer and are easy to install in your garage. Plus, you could cover your garage flooring in any pattern you can imagine.

There are interlocking garage floor tiles. They are easy to install with a durable seamless look in a unique hidden and watertight interlocking joining system. This garage floor tile can be laid quickly and easily on any firm, flat surface using only a mallet and utility knife. Most garage installations require no adhesive, just overlap, tap and your garage flooring is done.

If you want it simple, you could put only garage floor coatings to preserve the original look and design of the garage. It will seal it to protect the floor from cracks, chips, and stains. These are usually done on newly concreted garages.

The materials provided above are just some of the garage floor covers you can use. Choosing the right flooring for your garage depends on how you use the room and how you want it to look like. Do you consider it as storage, a place for repairs or do you consider it as an ordinary room in your house and you also want it to be attractive? Whatever your reasons and objective might be, always take into consideration everything before choosing the right flooring for your garage.

Beautify And Protect Your Garage Floor And Patio With Epoxy

epoxy183Good quality epoxy floor coatings are must haves for any home owner’s garage or patio. There are many different varieties of epoxy flooring to suit anyone’s needs. Are you looking for ways to make your garage floor stain resistant? What about making your patio resistant to skids even in wet weather? These can be important decisions when you own your own home, because you are responsible for such details.

Important qualities for back decks and patios are decorative beauty and family safety. It can be hard to find both of these in one package, but epoxy coated stained concrete fits both of these necessities. You can get a decorative concrete stain on your back patio with a coating of epoxy that has skid and water resistant technology to prevent falls, as well as marks from lawn mowers and other appliances. Wouldn’t it be great to entertain your in-laws and know that they’re safe from falls on slick concrete?

Often times details such as making sure you have epoxy garage floors or patios are overlooked. Consider, however, that epoxy flooring is easy to install and can help keep your garage looking great for years! Patios are great socializing areas for you and your guests, but who wants to entertain on scuffed, dull cement? Look into a beautiful concrete stain with epoxy floor coating for your front or back patio and you’ll stun your friends and family with a unique setting over lunch that is just as beautiful as it is durable.

Garage’s can often be overlooked as rooms that collect clutter, or a place to park that old vehicle, but by putting in a decorative stain on your concrete and coating with epoxy for durable coverage, you’ll have a garage that you’ll be proud to leave open.

When putting in a concrete stain anywhere inside or outside your home, its important to make sure you have a good quality sealant. This well help keep your concrete stain’s luster and quality for a long time after being set. When you start your concrete staining project you will be surprised at the many options there are for decorative staining as well as epoxy flooring choices. Epoxy concrete flooring is safe and can extend the life of your garage or patio floor many more years than a regular set and seal will. Epoxy will protect your floor and prevent the aging process that skids and stains cost well used flooring.