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How To Make A Garage Floor Look Better

If you are tired of that ugly grey, concrete floor then applying a good quality garage floor coating will be just what you need to add some color.  One other nice feature of coating your floor is you can make it much safer by adding a non-slip topping which will give good traction and footing even if you spill a little oil or your car brings in rain water or melting snow.  There are two main ways to treat your floor, garage floor paint and an epoxy based garage floor coating.  For longevity, the epoxy based product is going to make you happier.

Before adding any treatment to your garage floor be sure to check to see if a sealer has been applied to the surface.  Whether you use paint or epoxy a pre-existing sealer will shorten the life of the new coating dramatically because it will not allow the product to adhere to the concrete.  You can check for a sealer by using the water test.  First clean the floor with a good degreaser and then wash with soap and water.  Next, spray a light mist of water on the floor and watch how the water reacts.  If it beads up you have a sealer which must be removed.  The best method for this is to apply a weak solution of muriatic acid.  You can find this at most home repair stores.  Clean the floor once again and recheck.  If the water does not bead then you can proceed with the treatment.

Follow the directions on the package exactly because shortcuts will mean you won’t get the life you desire out of the floor.  Be sure to purchase anti-slip additives no matter whether you decide to go with less expensive paint or longer lasting epoxy floor coatings.  In both cases you just spread the topping on the floor before the coating dries.  It is the same action as feeding chickens in the barnyard or ducks at the local park.

Installing garage floor coverings is a great weekend project that will make your garage look great.