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Protect Your Garage Floor With Sealant

garage floor sealantIf you do any do-it-yourself work on your car you know how maddening it can be to have a damaged floor in your garage.  Whether it is a long crack or just a divit, the uneven surface can be a real pain when you are tying to slide under the car.  In fact, if you are using a flat creeper it can be impossible if one of the little wheels drops into even the smallest hole.

The number one way to protect your floor from damage is to apply a garage floor sealant.  This is a protective coating that not only stops new injuries to the floor but also will fill in some of the existing ones.  You end up with a surface that is easy to slide around on and is safe from all but the most damaging problems.  You can even weld on the bench above a sealed floor and the welding sparks will just bounce off like water in hot oil.

The best garage floor sealer is one made of epoxy.  Epoxy is a very strong material that is formed by mixing two ingredients together.  The main ingredient is a resin that will cure to a hard finish.  The second is the actual hardener that starts a chemical reaction with the resin when they are mixed.  The curing process starts almost immediately but you usually have 10 to 15 minutes to spread the mixture before it gets unworkable.  The method of spreading is to use a nap roller and roll the sealer out like you were putting on a thick layer of paint.

It usually takes about 18 hours for the epoxy floor coatings to cure hard enough to walk on and you shouldn’t drive on it for about 3 days.  But after this the surface is tough and impact resistant.  I am not going to tell you can’t harm it but you will have to work at it very hard.