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The Versatility of the Futon Cover

Futons gained much popularity back in the 1970s, as a great way to provide not only a couch but a place to sleep as well. These were often used in college dorms, as well as small studio apartments. The great news is that today, futons are a wonderful addition to a family room or living room. There have been numerous changes over the years, which includes additional design styles. The early editions of the futons normally included a solid color for the futon mattress cover and a standard design of the frame.

Today, we have so many more options. The futon frames can be constructed out of a variety of metals including chrome, wood and decorative metals. You can even add a futon chair that can convert to a chaise lounge to enjoy relaxing or watching your favorite TV show.

One of the most exciting things is the fact that you can purchase a variety of different futon covers to match your existing décor or to give your room a new design look. Because they are so inexpensive, with most costing less than $100, you can actually change the color of your futon mattress, based on the seasons of the year, or the particular myth that you are in.

We can now find wonderful patterns including floral, stripes, animal prints and of course, the solid colors. There are also covers made from suede and leather. If you are looking to accent your existing retro look, you will also be able to find a pattern to fit right in. There also seems type of futon covers, which can include seascapes, sports, Southwestern and other wonderful themes.

The availability of the different types of designs will surely fit into any of your room’s decor. Whether you are looking for a cover for your vacation home at the seaside or for the sun room, there will be a design that will look great. One of the best places to find a large selection of futon covers is through searching on the Internet. Numerous sites have loads of selections at an affordable price. Many of these online stores will also offer free shipping directly to your home.

The versatility of being able to utilize a variety of futon covers makes this an exciting piece of furniture for your home. Incorporating a new futon cover is just as easy as changing the sheets on your bed. Check out the great options and purchase several exciting designs. In fact, for a great look at your options, check out the Futon Cover Guide.