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Oak Bedroom Furniture – Comparing The Gothic Style vs. The Country Style

What is your personal style, KISS or opulent and sophisticated? All things being equal, you should select country style oak bedroom furniture if you are the former and gothic style oak furniture if you are the latter. Remember that in matters of taste and style, there is no right or wrong.

However, it is important for you to realize that there are some caveats when buying oak bedroom furniture sets from furniture stores. Gothic styled oak bedroom furniture looks very nice in the showroom. The most popular form, the Victorian, combines massive solidity with ornate carvings and moldings. It is truly ideal if you have a large bedroom, because it helps to shrink the space. However, in a small and cramped bedroom, as is common in many modern apartments, this massiveness just makes it seem heavy and ponderous. It makes a small bedroom feel even smaller, and it can be overwhelming to someone without a strong psyche.

If you have a small or moderately sized bedroom and insist on the gothic, then find yourself oak furniture in the Queen Anne form. This variation of the gothic style is daintier, and makes good use of arching curves to give a feeling of graceful sophistication.

Frankly speaking, if you like gothic styling, furniture made of oak or other hardwoods, including a beech wardrobe,  is just about perfect. Hardwood carved into intricate designs do not break off easily, unlike carvings and moldings made from softwoods or fiberboard. However, there is one downside. Oak is a beautiful wood. Quartersawn boards exhibit very graceful loops and whorls in their grains. Unfortunately, the complex designs of most gothic furniture competes with the natural beauty of high grade oak wood.

When you choose a simpler minimalist style like the country style, decorations tend to be simple lines near the edges. There are many wide open surfaces free to show off the natural beauty of the oak wood. This is not an accident. The original country style furniture was the Mission style. It was a reaction against the weight and complexity of the Victorian style which preceded it.

For the small bedrooms of modern homes, simpler tends to be better. Country style oak bedroom furniture is not as overwhelming as most common gothic furniture designs. The nature of the design is simple and clean, and does not forcefully express the weight of the hardwood of which it is made. When white oak is chosen and only minimal staining is applied, the country style bedroom furniture has a lighter and more airy feeling.

Choosing bedroom furniture is largely a matter of your own personal style. Be aware that oak furniture is expensive and lasts a long time. That means it is better suited to someone whose tastes have matured and are less likely to change.