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How to Clean Washable Furnace Filter

Here are some easy instructions on how to clean washable furnace filter parts. Most furnaces actually use disposable filter but if you actually happen to have a furnace that has washable filter parts then it is important that you know exactly how to clean it.

If you are not sure how to tell whether your filter is washable or not, one easy way is to check out the housings around your filter. If they are made from cardboard then it is likely that your filter is the disposable kind. If, however, the casing is made from metal then your filter is a good candidate for being a washable furnace filter.  If you have a washable furnace filter you should check it monthly to see if it needs cleaning.  You should clean your washable furnace filter every three months minimum whether it appears that you need to do so or not. Do not let it go longer than three months without cleaning.

It is very easy to clean a washable furnace filter. First of all you need to remove the dirty filter and set it down on a flat surface. If you can place it on a floor that is the best, make sure the dirty side of the filter is facing upwards though.

Next you will need a vacuum cleaner. It does not have to be a very high powered vacuum cleaner, even one that is  meant to clean equipment is good, it should work just as well. Plug it in and vacuum the filter. Try to run it down from top to bottom, making sure that you cover all of the parts of the filter. If you are careful, and you go slowly, you should be able to remove most, if not all, of the dust and debris that has collected on the filter over time.

Once you are done vacuuming the filter you should turn the vacuum cleaner off, and then pick up the filter and take it to a vacant sink or bathtub. You are going to now wash the filter, so you do need a spot where you can run water over the filter and rinse it off. Bathtubs work very well, as do large sinks.

Spray the filter with warm water. Do not use any sort of detergent as that may damage the filter. Instead spray it with water and scrub it gently with a soft brush. Believe it or not, fingernail brushes work very well on filters!

Once the filter is clean you can turn off the water. Set it somewhere so it can dry thoroughly. If you can set it in front of a heater that would work, otherwise put it somewhere that it can dry naturally. Make sure, though, that it is not in a damp or humid area. It does need to dry properly.

When the filter is completely dry you can place it back inside the furnace. All together this should not take more than a few hours to complete from beginning to end. It is well worth getting washable filters if you are able as you certainly save a lot of money as opposed to using replaceable filters all the time.