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Could You Use a Potato Slicer or French Fry Cutter?

If your family eats a lot of potato based dishes, it can take an age to cut up potatoes for dinner every time you have want to serve them. It is enough to put you off serving potatoes and to go for rice or pasta. However potatoes make a healthy meal and it is a shame to give them up. Alternatively, you may start using pre-processed potatoes which cost a lot more than starting with a whole potato. Besides, oven fries and pre-sliced potatoes never taste as good as fresh home prepared foods.

With a potato slicer or French fry cutter you can prepare enough potatoes for an army without turning a hair. Although you might end up peeling your potatoes, you really don’t have to, as both French fries and sliced potatoes are healthier with their skins on. So, you just have to wash your potato, put it into the gadget and in a few seconds you are done.

With both kitchen gadgets, all you generally have to do is press the potato against the blade and press or turn a handle. Then potato slices of the required thickness or French fries come out. It is all very easy, a child could do it although it is not a job you should give to small children as those blades are sharp. They have to be very sharp, to cut through a hard vegetable like a potato with ease.

Once you have your new gadget, you can also use it for other kitchen jobs. A French fry cutter is great for creating vegetable sticks or batons from all kinds of vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and zucchini. A potato slicer can be used to slice anything firm such as apples or pears as well as vegetables and some can be used on softer fruits too.

All in all, you should be able to make plenty of use of your purchase as long as you are not the kind who buys gadgets and appliances and then never learns to use them.