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UPVC Patio Doors

Patio doors are now a common feature of many homes as people have come to realise the benefits. These doors can make a small room appear larger as the light is able to flow freely giving an illusion of airiness and space. As patio doors now come in many styles, and a variety of materials, they are suitable to all house types and are a popular choice.

Due to their high durability and minimal maintenance needs uPVC patio doors are popular. These doors are available as sliding doors, French style doors, bi fold doors and folding doors. The most well known styles are the sliding doors and French doors.

patio_door_2Sliding doors are especially beneficial when there is a need to maximise the space available as there no requirement to allow an area for the door to swing open and out. Sliding patio doors operate in either a sliding motion or in a tilt and slide motion. The sliding door, used for many years, is simply a double door where one door slides behind the other to allow an opening. The tilt and slide door works in a similar way, but with a tilt required before sliding across to open. The additional benefit of the tilt and slide option is that the door can be left in the tilt only position, to allow a small amount of air to circulate without the need to fully open the door.

Some people prefer the more sophisticated looking French patio doors, which usually swing outward to the garden, patio or decking area. The benefit of these doors is that they allow the full door area to become open and therefore really make the room and outdoors feel as one.

The style of doors within a home is often overlooked but the right choice of door can enhance any room. Patio doors give that extra versatility to a rear room allowing it to open out and bringing the outside in.