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Proper use and care of food mills

Any tool in the kitchen has to be used in a manner that will prolong its life and give you food preparation methods that are quicker and stress-free. One very vital tool in the kitchen is a food mill that becomes very handy when cooking or baking meals that require some of its ingredients to be mashed, ground or pureed. They have been part of our cooking lifestyles for decades. No matter how the world got busier or more technologically advanced, they are one of those inventions that have never run out of place in today’s modern times.

Manual or electric, food mills deserve the proper handling and care in order to make the most out of the money you spent in purchasing one. The following tips are great ways to accurately care for your manual or electric food mills.

1.    Remember to blanch, boil, or steam food before breaking them up with the gadget. No matter how small your hard food may be, never assume that the kitchen tool can handle the task right. The food must be soft enough to go through the holes of the disks.

2.    You may need to have as many disks as possible with different sizes of holes if your purpose for preparing food is more complex than just setting up baby food. Meaning, you are very much into a lot of cooking. Firmer foods may need bigger holes and softer foods can do just fine with smaller holes.

3.    Clean the kitchen tool every after use. If you don’t, some tiny particles might get stuck up within the disks and will hamper its functionality. Most types are very easy to clean.

4.    Never crank the handle without food poured on the handle. This will cause the metal pieces to scratch against the kitchen tool’s interior parts.