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Selection Of A Foam Mattress Pad

foam mattress pad

foam mattress pad

Foam mattress pads have surged into the collective conscious over the past few years.  They are advertised as more comfortable than traditional spring mattress pads and particularly convenient for couples sharing a bed.  When considering a foam mattress pad, one must select a mattress to fit his or her individual or couple’s needs.

Perhaps the most well-known type of foam mattress pad is memory foam.  This mattress conforms to the shape of its user’s body, providing support to the natural curves and structure of the body and allowing a more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.  Memory foam is meant to improve circulation and provide orthopedic support to the legs, hips, spine and shoulders.  Such support decreases tossing and turning and the user gets to sleep faster.  For those sharing a bed, this foam mattress pad allows one to move on his or her side of the bed without disturbing others.

Memory foam may be available as a mattress topper, which is placed on top of any existing mattress in good condition.  These still have the same features as any foam mattress pad but are not as thick as the full mattress pad.  A mattress topper may also be less expensive than a full mattress pad, so not only should the conventional mattress be in good condition but the user should also think about the available budget.

Foam mattress pads are also available in latex, which is hypo-allergenic.  These mattresses are typically resistant to mildew, bacteria, dust mites and mold, a plus for those who suffer from allergies.  Latex mattresses also do not require turning or flipping.  However, latex mattresses can also be used in conjunction with other foam mattress pads.

Following the advice of the mattress pads guide, when selecting a foam pad, one may choose according to thickness, bed size and firmness.  One factor to consider is that a mattresses density will affect its firmness: thicker foam will be firmer while thinner foam will be softer.  Also, one may custom make his or her own foam mattress.  Foam cut outs are available in most shapes including cylinder, polygons, L-shaped and window seat to accommodate any type of need whether for chairs, beds, cribs, pillows, or custom-made mattresses.