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Harley Davidson Flush Ceiling Fans

If you have a low ceiling – as many older homes do – or just a very tall person, low ceiling fans can be a hazard. Luckily for people in this situation there are flush mount ceiling fans. What makes this even better is that Harley Davidson ceiling fans makes this model, so you can add great decor and save some tall people a headache.

Most basic fans have a drop from the ceiling between six and eight inches. Flush mount fans by Harley Davidson are mounted directly on the ceiling providing several more inches of head room. Harley makes a great selection of these fans providing multiple colors and schemes to choose from.

Photo By: Brian Johnson

These fans range from the basic black and orange Harley Logos to pink for the woman who like to ride. A great feature that Harley offers is the string less option. Instead of the traditional pull cord you are provided with a remote control to change fan speeds and control power to the fan and light. The light fixture attached is a replica of a Harley Davidson head light. If you are into effects you can opt to have the sound of a Harley engine sound every time you change the fan’s speed.

If you decide that you would rather have the more traditional pull cord you can still customize the charm ends. Harley has many unique pull end to choose from; motorcycle, eagle wings, flames, a full body eagle, the Harley logo, and much more. Harley knows that its riders like options so that a person can customize their thing to fit their needs. So just like with their bikes Harley has brought you options with their ceiling fans. If you want it to hang let it hang, if you need it chopped and flush with the ceiling that’s fine too.