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T5 Lighting Made Easy to Understand

For anyone not familiar with the fluorescent lighting terminology, T5 lighting can sound like Greek.  Once you learn what all the terminology stands for, however, it is quite easy to understand, and to make the correct choice for your area.  Until 1995, our choices were T8 and T12; however, the T5 light fixtures are becoming increasingly popular and are being installed by more new home builders all the time.

The “T” stands for the shape of the lamp tubular (light bulb), while the 5 represents the diameter of the lamp.  T5 light bulbs have a 5/8” diameter, while T8 has a 1” diameter, and T12 has a 1 ½” diameter.  The T5 are also slightly shorter than a T8 bulb, so you cannot use them as replacements without doing some alterations to the fixture.

The T5 light bulb is measured much like the old fashioned bulbs, with the higher number giving out more light, except T5 also has a standard and a high output (which will say T5HO).  The standard bulbs come in 14, 21, 28, and 35, while the high output ones come in 24, 39, 54, 80, and GE offers a 49, with the four foot long, 54 watt being the most popular in the US.

When buying replacement T5 lights, you will also need to know the length of the fixture.  They come in a variety of lengths for use in lamps and aquariums as well as overhead for homes and warehouses.  A popular use in the home is the kitchen area, where they may be found under your top cupboards as well as the ceiling.

The new fluorescent T5 lighting technology cuts down on the glare, while giving you high quality color.  There are many professions where this is extremely important, and cooking is one of them.  Being able to see the exact color of fresh ingredients is an important part of the selection process.