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Water Damage Repair Costs

Cleaning up after a flood can be a real pain in the behind, especially when it could have been avoided completely.   Recently a couple bought a home and moved back to their home state, upon entering their new home one of the first things to hit them was a mildew smell and sticky floors.  As they turned on the lights they saw that water from their washing machine had spilled out on to the floor above and leaked through the ceiling, down the walls and even down to the basement floor below.  The culprit was a $5 rubber hose that was damaged and it cost thousands of dollars and months to repair all of the water damage.  Luckily for them their home owners policy covered the cost of flood water damage repair but the whole thing could have been avoided had the rubber hose to the washer been replaced on time.

Photo By: Cursedthing

Often avoiding simple preventative maintenance is the cause of water damage in homes.  Homes with poor ventilation in rooms like the shower should have a dehumidifier in them to prevent the steam from ruining their ceiling, walls and floors.  The steam gets into the dry wall and deep into the walls and if it isn’t dried out will start to cause mold and could lead to structural damage that is costly to repair in not only money but time also.   The cost of water damage repair can be steep at about $5000 typically.  If you have damage in multiple parts of the home your bill could be even greater.  It is important to have water damage assessed by a professional who will know how and where to check for mold and other bacteria that come along with water leaks.  Doing it yourself could end up costing you more than just getting it done right the first time by a pro.