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Different Uses for Solar Lights in the Garden

Solar power technology has advanced to the point that the popularity of solar lighting has exploded in recent years. As the technology has advanced, manufacturing processes have been refined and the prices have come down to the point that solar lights are an affordable choice for the frugal homeowner. It is just an added bonus that this type of lighting also has a positive effect on the environment.

While there are plenty of solar lighting systems to choose from, floating solar lights, path and driveway lights and decorative lights are three of the most sought after types.

Floating lights are a lovely addition to a swimming pool or pond. You can also use them to add a dramatic touch to a decorative water foundation. These lights are so versatile that you can even attach ground stakes and use them in a completely different location if you feel like it.

Solar lights installed at regular intervals offer a great way to light up a driveway or illuminate the trail to your garden, patio or deck. They will automatically come on when the sun goes down, so you never have to worry about coming home to a dark yard. These lights supply a dim glow that allows just enough light to see but not so much as to be intrusive or harsh.

Much like the floating lights mentioned above, solar lights can be strategically placed around your garden or yard to accent specific areas or to highlight particular elements that you want to bring attention to. You can instantly transform your entire yard with a just a handful of solar lamps carefully and creatively installed. This is a great idea if you have trees or plants that are particularly beautiful. Statues and other garden ornaments can offer as much visual appeal at night as they do during the day. You can even feature areas of your home’s architecture that are interesting or unique.

These are just some ways that solar lights can be effectively and creatively used at your home.