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Get Rid Of Fleas Before They Make Your Home Theirs

Nothing can be more effective than using professional tips to get rid of fleas, and prevent recurrent infestations in your home. And tips or professional help are what responsible pet owners use to get the best results. People usually do so, if they had experienced flea and other parasitic attacks earlier, or learnt that a relative or friend encountered the same problem.

The truth is that if a flea infestation is neglected, or not treated early on, this can exacerbate the problem and make it a far bigger one to deal with later. And what makes this issue yet more alarming, is the fact that in a lifetime, every female of the species lays eggs in the thousands, making flea eradication efforts that much harder at a later stage.

Photo By: Kat Masback

If you allow these annoying parasites to reproduce and proliferate around the home through negligence, the only solution open to you would be to hire a pest control professional, which could prove expensive. This makes it all the more important to take immediate action to eliminate fleas no sooner you come across some, before they multiply and spread quickly across your home.

Fleas and ticks are known to favor common household pets, especially cats and dogs, which the fleas use as convenient vehicles to move around different areas of the home. However, doesn’t necessarily mean that if your home is pet-free, it won’t attract fleas … it can, and will. This is because fleas only need grassy vegetation to hide outside, and will hop onto any pet or person that crosses their path, and thereby gain easy entry into your home.

So, if you do have a pet at home which is suffering with a flea problem, there are many different ways to treat them. ‘Advantage’ and ‘Frontline Combo’ are considered the top two and most popular formulations for treating flea-laden pets. These treatments are potent enough to remove and kill virtually all the fleas on your pet within a day, or less. However, regardless of which products you use, other than the two specified above, it is crucial to check, whether or not they are completely safe for use on your pets, before you buy.