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Tips For Choosing Flannel Sheets

This post provided by Flannel Sheets World

Flannel sheets are highly popular in the winter months when the temperature often drops below freezing point and we need to keep warm whilst we sleep. It is a very eco-friendly product manufactured from high quality cotton which keeps you warm in your bed at nights and can help reduce unnecessary heating costs.

When choosing flannel sheets keep in mind the following: thickness, warmth rating and softness level. To a large extent what you pay for is what you get quality wise. There is a German variety considered to be ultra-modern and highly sophisticated in design. It is highly luxurious, consisting of woven flannel processed from cotton grown in a very eco-friendly environment which does make it more expensive, but is worth it for comfort, softness and long lasting appeal.  The advantage of buying a more expensive brand is that you won’t get those irritating small bobbles forming on the sheets as they are highly treated to be pill resistant.

flannel #2Keep in mind the following when purchasing your flannel sheets:

  • Look for 100 percent cotton flannel sheets
  • Buy only plain ones as the yarn lasts longer than on the floral ones
  • Make sure they have a tight weave by holding them up to the natural daylight so you can see through them easily
  • Buy the variety which has five or six thread count as they are  much warmer, longer-lasting and endure many washes in the washing machine.
  • Flannel sheets do require some care so they can last you many winters. Prior to sleeping in them:
  • Wash them in a small amount of white vinegar without the soap to prevent pilling.
  • Keep the flannel sheets soft by adding a liquid softener and dry them with a drying sheet.
  • Store the sheets in a draw or linen chest for next winter.  Wash, dry and iron them, fold them. Place scented paper in between to keep them scented and fresh.