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The Case For Marco Fireplace Doors

Marco fireplace doors can be a great addition to a fireplace in any home that has one. The beauty and aesthetics of your room will receive a definite boost when you install these fireplace insert accessories and you will also benefit in terms of the energy efficiency savings over a long period of time. Fireplace doors also act as an additional safety barrier against embers and flying sparks. When considering the installation of a new fireplace, or the upgrade of an existing one, safety should always be your number one priority, especially if you have young children or pets who will also be sharing the fire.

Marco doors are available in two basic opening styles. Certain types of doors fold up along a track in the same way that a closet does, these types of doors are known as bi-fold doors, they open “accordion style”, it is generally more difficult for children to open this type of door, making it a good option if you have a family. The other type of door is trackless or doors that open with a full swing on hinges. This type of door generally has handles and open using the same mechanism as a regular type of door.

Marco doors are manufactured fully in the US and not China, meaning that when you purchase these doors, you are supporting the US economy and doing your part to keep US citizens in full-time employment. The Marco company has been in the business since 1943 and so has had many years of experience in the business and stand behind their produces as they have been doing for over 65 years.. Marco is the originator of the use of tempered glass in fireplace doors and they are one of the industries biggest supplier of custom fireplace doors as well as standard sized fireplace doors and feature products that are made from a wide variety of materials.

While Marco fireplace doors can be expected to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship, Marco product a wide range of other fireplace products too, including a fireplace blow which distributes warm air created by a fire as well as many other stylish and fully functional products that can enhance the efficiency and looks of your overall fireplace as a whole. Whether you wish to install a new fireplace door, or are looking for fireplace accessories in general, it is worth taking a look at the many top-quality, US-made products that the Marco company has within its product lines.

The Case For Fitting Fireplace Doors In Your Fireplace Installation

A fireplace in your house adds atmosphere and warmth and a touch of character to an otherwise bare and barren room. If you are thinking about installing a fireplace, then installing a fire with fireplace doors give you several advantages over a traditional open fireplace. For a start many doors look quite eye-catching and so add a layer of visual appeal to the overall aesthetics of the room. Fireplaces with doors make for a fire that burns much more efficiently.

Fireplace Door Benefits

Perhaps foremost on your mind when you decide to install fireplace doors is that efficiency factor. Doors that completely seal off the fireplace opening, prevent air from escaping up the chimney when the fire has burnt out. This results in lingering heat after you have extinguished the fire. The fact that air is trapped inside the firebox, also results in more air being fed to the fire which will generate more heat. In most modern fireplaces the airflow can be controlled which allows you to vary the heat level.

Fireplace doors also add a decorative touch to your room. There are many different styles, so there is a lot of choice in choosing a door style that matches your decor, along with any fireplace kits and accessories you decorate with.
Safety is another factor and perhaps the most important advantage that a fireplace door provides. By keeping the doors close, the fireplace is prevented from spitting out, ashes, hot sparks and embers which could potentially cause a house fire.

Types of Fireplace Doors

There are many types of fireplace doors, but perhaps the most popular material used in doors is glass. The glass panel used in a fireplace door is typically tempered in order that it withstand the intense heat of the fire, while allowing enough heat to radiate outwards.

Fireplace doors made out of glass are usually framed with a metal border made from a common metal such as brass, steel or wrought-iron. Fireplace doors are hinged and usually held in place by a strong magnet. You should be careful not to touch a door directly, however as doors tend to get extremely hot when the fire is burning at its strongest. You should also be careful not to strike a glass door with wood when you are loading it into the fire.
Metal doors tend to be less popular due to the fact that they block off the fire completely, but these are sturdy, won’t break like glass and are very energy-efficient in their own right. They tend to be favoured on stand-up fireplaces or fireboxes.

In between, there are hybrid fireplace doors that feature a combination of glass and metal. In these doors the bottom half tends to be metal and the top made of glass. There are many variations of hybrid doors and you could spend many hours picking the right one.

Fireplace Doors have many Different Styles

When building or remodeling a home choosing the perfect doors for your fireplace and the accessories to go with it can be a big task. You are going to have a number of different options just for the door. They are made in many different styles like brass, glass, ceramic, or wrought iron which are the most common styles. Shopping online is an easy way to view a number of styles without having to spend hours in a store. Online you will find all these different styles of fireplace doors.

Fireplaces have many different styles of doors to choose from. Metal or glass doors are the traditional look but you can find many unique and modern looks as well. They are designed for a round top or a square look which is the first decision to make when installing a fireplace. Custom fireplace doors can be made to suit the taste and style of your home if you prefer.

A fireplace is not complete without a screen and some simple tools. The screen is a safety feature that has become part of the overall style. They can be created from screen, metal, or glass and they can have intricate designs created to suit you and the room you designed around your fireplace. The tools that go along with a fireplace is the last choice in items because it is usually a simple choice between black or gold; the color is the biggest choice in fireplace tools.

Fireplaces need a number of accessories; most have a mantel which is were a home shares its small treasures with each other. Other accessories you can find include andirons, bellows, fire backs, and log grates or racks. Doing a search for fireplace accessories online will yield some great results.

Another important accessory you’ll need is the chimney cap. A chimney cap is important addition to your roof because it will keep the critters from ruining your new fireplace. This is an accessory that you will want to check at least once a year.