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Single Hole Bathroom Faucet Conveniences

Allowing for a quicker installation than multi-hole bathroom faucets, a single hole bathroom faucet offers many conveniences. In addition to the faster installation time, having a single unit also means maintenance can be performed on one piece, instead of a faucet and two handles. This cost-saving measure means when it is time to replace the single unit, users can feel confident knowing the entire unit needs to be replaced, rather than a single, non-functioning side.

Now that the benefits of quick installation and overall savings have been discussed, maintenance is another issue that sets the single hole bathroom faucet clearly apart from its competitors. Whereas many times a separate faucet and hot-cold side levers must be constantly cleaned and checked for leaks, having an all-in-one unit makes the process much more efficient. While today’s units are more water-stain resistant than their predecessors, all units must be regularly cleaned and checked for leaks. In multi-holed units, if the faucet has a slow top-side leak, it may be hard to detect, due to each faucet and handles close proximity to each other. Since a single hole faucet is a all-in-one piece, it is easier to search around, find your faucet and any possible leaks, from top, side and under sink areas.

Most units come in traditional stainless steel colors however, it is the difference of the temperature knob that can be the faucets focal point. If you are searching for a basic unit, these will usually be silver and clear in color. Basic units are ideal for those searching for a functional solution without having to upgrade to more elaborate models. If planning to remodel your bathroom in the next few years, you may wish to start-off with a basic model. People, looking to invest in a more upgraded model will want to spend a little more for a higher-quality piece.

While you may find your faucet based on design preferences, other features such as finishes, coatings and the reflective prismatic handle may command a higher price. A final benefit in the more upgraded units is a longer warranty. Since these pieces can command a higher price, generally they come with a longer warranty period than more basic faucet models.