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Which Single Hole Lavatory Faucet Is Right For You?

single hole lavatory faucetThere are a lot of styles of single hole lavatory faucets, and most of them would look terrible in your lavatory!  Figuring out which one is going to work with your home is fairly easy once you learn how to cut through everything you don’t need.  We’ll cover some of those methods in this post so you can shop with confidence (and without stress!).

The first thing to figure out when shopping for a single hole lavatory faucet is to decide what style you’re going for.  If you can peg your style down, you have effectively cut your choices down by at least 75%.  Modern styles are the most common, but traditional and contemporary lavatory faucets are also easy to find.  Having a good idea of what your lavatory is going to look like when it’s finished will also help you choose the perfect faucet for it.

Your sink will also be a big determinant of what style of faucet you use.  For example, vessel sinks only take a very specific faucet, so your choices are automatically narrowed down for you!  Drop in sinks can use just about any faucet out there.  Under mounted sinks generally use fancier faucets because it is so visible on the counter top.

Personal tastes will also play a big role.  There are some very wild styles of single hole faucets on the market.  Some of them don’t even look like faucets, so the level of creativity you like will narrow your options down even further.  Most people won’t choose a generic style faucet when upgrading the lavatory, but that doesn’t mean that you have to add something wild.  Find the balance that will compliment the room, rather than stand out.

Your lavatory is an extension of the rest of your home, so be sure that everything jives with the rest of your style.  There’s no sense in having a comfortable, cozy home, and when a guest walks into the lavatory they feel like they left and ended up in the Hilton!