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Deploying Dummy CCTV Cameras Effectively

For those who need more security cannot afford the real thing, dummy cctv cameras are very much sought after.  They come in many different sizes and shapes, simulating the look of their operational cousins.  You can make people think your area is being monitored by a ceiling, dome or even a pinhole camera.

Of course, having these cameras hidden or obscured would do no good, as the trick is to make sure people see them and think they are being watched; therefore they have to be where they will be seen.  Place them in an area which is highly visible, with an accompanying sign, warning would be intruders a cctv camera is in action, recording all their activity.

When the camera is visible, the criminal will have second thoughts about carrying out his plans.  It is extremely difficult to tell the real, working cameras from their decoy replicas.  They even pivot and move just like the working ones, so it would almost take inside information for the criminal to tell the difference.
Of course, with a dummy camera, you have no taped record of the crime, for the purpose of it is to deter the crime, not help to catch the criminal and convict him afterward.  The only way to get the proof you need for a conviction is by having a real, working cctv camera kit.

You could use the same tactic as the big businesses with a lot of area to monitor, mixing real ones with fake ones.  This way, the criminals cannot tell which, if any, are recording their actions and which are not; and you would therefore have the whole place covered as far as the criminal knows, and the working one placed where it is most likely to have criminal activity going on for anybody not deterred by the fake ones.  So, if you already have your place partially secured and cannot afford to buy the real thing to finish it, why not buy some dummy cctv cameras, so it looks as though it is completely secured.

The whole purpose behind cctv cameras is to; hopefully stop a crime from happening, but if that fails, then to have evidence (a taped record) to aide in the apprehension and conviction of the perpetrator.  By installing a dummy cctv camera, you are attempting to stop the crime before it happens, which will give you peace of mind.