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Things To Look For In A Tub Chair

Tub chairs can be a welcome addition to any home, with their simple and elegant design. They have a long history tub chairwhich dates back over 100 years, and are regularly seen in hotels and gentlemen’s clubs around the world. If you’re thinking of buying one then you should first consider the cost and the functionality. If your tub chair is going to be used on a daily basis then it is worthwhile spending a bit more cash to ensure durability and longevity.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from the traditional fabric designs, to the elaborate leather examples that are very popular. The most important aspect is the quality. If you are buying a leather tub chair then look for the best grade hides if possible. These have some very unique patterning and suppleness that man made leather just does not have. The patterns are what provide the character and charm, and no two hides are the same. They will age much better than imitation leather because they retain the oils that give that soft feel and touch. This makes them very comfortable to sit on after a long day.

A cheaper option is a fabric example. They have the advantage over leather because they come in many more colours and patterns, so they can fit into any room in the house and compliment your existing décor style. Some of the latest fabrics can be cleaned with just a damp cloth, which is great if you have small kids and pets running on them day after day. You could also choose a tub chair cover for extra protection. They are very cheap to buy, and can freshen up an old looking chair. They only takes minutes to put on and are machine washable.

For the best quality chairs look for those made in the western countries. These tend to be hand made and not mass produced like those made in the eastern countries. The price you pay should always reflect the quality of materials used. Look for quality springs and joints, as well the foam and cushions.