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Choosing an Exterior Shutter

An exterior shutter not only keeps your windows safe during storms, they can also add to the beauty and value of your house. This is why shopping for an exterior shutter can be a big investment and requires a big decision on your part.

In terms of looking at your exterior shutters as an investment, the most important thing to consider is what material you want your shutters to be made of. Here are some of your options.

1. Plastic or vinyl. A lot of the shutters offered in DIY shops are made of vinyl. They are cheap, light weight, easy to install and weather resistant. Let me just clarify that even though they are weather resistant (they don’t rot, water does not affect them, no need for maintenance), they are not very sturdy or durable. That is because they are hollow. Another concern with an outdoor vinyl shutter is that since they are hollow, they make excellent houses for bees, wasps and other insects.

2. Wood. This is the classic material. The price and durability though will depend on the kind of wood that you opt for.

Pine is the cheapest. This probably has something to do with the fact that pine is readily available almost anywhere. But pine is not known for being weather resistant.

The best, but most expensive wood available would be California Redwood. Redwood is very durable and is able to resist insects, mold and water damage. Shutters made out this wood should last for decades.

Cedar may be a great middle ground. It offers good sturdiness and durability for a reasonable price.

3. Fiberglass. Otherwise known as composites or PVC, shutters made out of this material are usually solid and imitates the beauty of a wooden shutter. The good thing is they are maintenance free and should last a lifetime. The bad thing about them is that they are very expensive and cost more than wooden shutters.

Just remember that the style and the color of the shutter you buy should complement the design or the façade of your house.