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How Epoxy Coated Floors Contribute to Workplace Safety

Epoxy coating is a practical and efficient way to contribute to a safe work environment. The safe, non-slip texture offered by epoxy flooring will reduce the number of accidental slip and fall incidents, reducing your workers compensation premiums and exposure to potential lawsuits.

Textured Epoxy Floor Coatings

Flooring professionals can install epoxy coated floors with various textures, custom-tailored to the needs of your business. Textured epoxy paint provides a safe, no-slip surface. When combined with other safety rules and procedures (such as requiring workers to wear slip-resistant shoes), a safe epoxy floor coating reinforces your commitment to a safe work environment, also lessening the possibility of missed worker time due to injury and potential customer lawsuits.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy floors are relatively easily to clean. The shiny floor surface reflects spills easily, alerting workers to potential danger. Most spills are easy to clean up with a cleanser and water. To ensure additional safety, always encourage workers to set a “wet floor” sign after clearing a spill from the floor.

Additional Epoxy Applications

Epoxy flooring is useful in multiple working commercial and industrial environments, including garages, kitchens, warehouses, cafes, gyms and retail shops, ensuring safety in both customer and employee work areas. Some epoxy floor coatings are helpful beyond commercial flooring purposes and can be applied to ladders, indoor/outdoor conditions and employee shower areas to prevent falling.


Damaged flooring, carpeting or raised nails present safety hazards. With this type of industrial flooring, you’ll notice an increased durability in flooring surfaces. You’ll find that a good epoxy coated floor can easily withstand the wear and tear associated with heavy equipment like a forklift or production machine.

In addition to promoting safety in the workplace, epoxy flooring can also protect customers in retail-driven environments, making a safer environment for shoppers. Aside from preventing injury and offering a safe atmosphere and image, epoxy flooring can lower costs associated with customer and employee injury. Safe surfaces can also encourage employee confidence, allowing them to move quickly, productively and safely across the floor without worrying about the consequences of falling.

Beautify And Protect Your Garage Floor And Patio With Epoxy

epoxy183Good quality epoxy floor coatings are must haves for any home owner’s garage or patio. There are many different varieties of epoxy flooring to suit anyone’s needs. Are you looking for ways to make your garage floor stain resistant? What about making your patio resistant to skids even in wet weather? These can be important decisions when you own your own home, because you are responsible for such details.

Important qualities for back decks and patios are decorative beauty and family safety. It can be hard to find both of these in one package, but epoxy coated stained concrete fits both of these necessities. You can get a decorative concrete stain on your back patio with a coating of epoxy that has skid and water resistant technology to prevent falls, as well as marks from lawn mowers and other appliances. Wouldn’t it be great to entertain your in-laws and know that they’re safe from falls on slick concrete?

Often times details such as making sure you have epoxy garage floors or patios are overlooked. Consider, however, that epoxy flooring is easy to install and can help keep your garage looking great for years! Patios are great socializing areas for you and your guests, but who wants to entertain on scuffed, dull cement? Look into a beautiful concrete stain with epoxy floor coating for your front or back patio and you’ll stun your friends and family with a unique setting over lunch that is just as beautiful as it is durable.

Garage’s can often be overlooked as rooms that collect clutter, or a place to park that old vehicle, but by putting in a decorative stain on your concrete and coating with epoxy for durable coverage, you’ll have a garage that you’ll be proud to leave open.

When putting in a concrete stain anywhere inside or outside your home, its important to make sure you have a good quality sealant. This well help keep your concrete stain’s luster and quality for a long time after being set. When you start your concrete staining project you will be surprised at the many options there are for decorative staining as well as epoxy flooring choices. Epoxy concrete flooring is safe and can extend the life of your garage or patio floor many more years than a regular set and seal will. Epoxy will protect your floor and prevent the aging process that skids and stains cost well used flooring.