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The Wardrobe Armoire: A Touch of Elegance

In these modern times, it’s not just furniture but nearly every item for the home that is mass produced in its design,Armoire Wardrobe (660 x 1023) leaving options for home decor sometimes feeling bland and less than stellar. In other words, it can be a challenge finding items that compliment your homes design and your personality rather than water it down into something that feels all too familiar, a kind of deja va remorse felt at the loss of unique furniture items due to mass production.

With the exception of using antique wardrobe closets, I won’t pretend that modern day armoire furniture isn’t mass produced too, but there is a certain quality to its design and intention that, to me, sets it a part from much of the other furniture sold these days. I think the fact that any armoire, by its very definition of being an armoire, consists of actual wood is the first step in pushing it out of the bounds of normal bland furniture. Furthermore, the market for wardrobe armoire furniture is hungry for quality, and is often not too concerned with the price, which leads to the wood being high quality wood, often with striking finishes in cherry or oak. On top of this, the wood may feature an enhanced design, lending it a touch of elegance.

Because of these differences in its materials, design, and construction in contrast to furniture sold, at say, stores such as Target or Home Depot (mostly), the wardrobe armoire stands in a class of its own. There’s a real feeling of class associated with them, and it’s not just the price tag either. A wardrobe armoire is something that can last for generations and become a family heirloom, much like the antique wardrobe closets you see today that were constructed 200 years ago but are still going strong. Can you say the same for any of the wooden stand alone closets furniture for sale at most stores today?

Unfortunately, no, which then makes the wardrobe armoire all that much more special and unique.