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Electric Fireplace Guide

Techniques for creating a realistic fire in your home have advanced dramatically in the last decade. Electric fireplaces no longer look like fakes.  More often than not guests can’t even tell the difference. With new technologies it is possible to control the strength of the flame, sound of the crackling fire, and control the amount of heat all from a remote control.  The price of an electric fireplace can range dramatically based on materials of the fireplace and multi use of the unit. Materials range from medal to oak and electric fireplaces can have dual uses including a built in entertainment unit.

Insert using an electric fireplace insert is very common for people who have existing fireplaces that can no longer be used. Most commonly in old homes where the fireplace is built too shallow or the chimney no longer functions. Adding an electric fireplace insert allows a living room to keep the decorative nature of the fireplace and keep the function of heat. While an insert is an extremely popular function, purchasing an electric stove for a small drafty room can add a cozy glow.

Corner: These units are made specifically for the corner of a room. The top is rectangular in shape to fit into the corner.

Stove: a small old style stove that heats the home. Originally used to cook on top of.

A stand-alone electric fireplace: a whole fireplace unit just as if it was installed in your home. This will add a centerpiece to any living room and a touch of romance to a master bedroom.  The most inviting thing in any home on a chilly night is a warm fireplace. With an electric fireplace any home can contain an affordable, beautiful heating source.

Electric fireplace and entertainment center: A television mounted over a fireplace makes the perfect entertaining living room. There are compartments for a DVD player, cable box etc.

Advancing technologies have made an electric fireplace look like the real thing. However, it requires no clean up or reconstruction to your home for installation. You get the warmth and beauty without the cleanup.