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Two Brands You Will Find for Toasters Made Today

There are quite a few different small appliances people usually leave out on their counter because they are used frequently. Among these appliances that have their place on a kitchen counter you will find the toaster. There are a lot of new designs and colors you will see for some of the toasters made today. The Kitchenaid toaster is one that now is available in some new colors such as red. There are also models available in the traditional silver chrome as well as some in black. These toaster appliances are available in a two or four slice model with easy to use temperature controls.

The new four slice designs have various settings to heat frozen items as well as toast bagels. Some will have an exterior blue light that glows when your toaster is in use. The two slice models that can accommodate the larger bagel products will have one slot that is made wider than the other. Some toasters will have an arrow etched into the top metal that points to the slot to use for making a single piece of toast. This is to help conserve energy when toasting only one slice of bread.

Another brand you may see used in some kitchens is the Dualit 4 slice toaster. This company is known for making classic styled toasters in the traditional silver design. Their models have a shape that can also fit in with many modern designed kitchens because it curves down on one side. They also make sizes that are not commonly found in other brand lines such as their three and six slice toasters. They also offer a convenient sandwich cage device so you can easily put together a sandwich and toast it quickly in their toaster. Whatever your family size is or the decor of your kitchen you can find a style of toaster to fit them both.