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What’s So Great About Solar Lighting, Is It Just A Fad?

To answer the initial question – no, solar lighting is not a fad. This type of lighting may seem like a fad for one very simple reason, and that reason is accelerated popularity. This however, should not suddenly bring with it the reaction of “this must be fad”. This kind of lighting is popular for reasons other than it being fashionable. Worldwide, people are sitting up and taking notice of the looming disaster that could impact future generations – if we do not take preventative measures to decrease global warming and reduce our own energy consumption – this disaster could mean the end of a way of living.

This is why solar powered lighting is increasing in popularity. It is an effective lighting solution which has minor environmental impact. The environmental factors aside, there are other current issues that have helped solar powered lighting sales – the economy. If financially bleak times such as these, it is important to show a little prudence when it comes to your own personal finances. Unless you really are rolling in cash, you will have to make as many savings as possible to get through the current slump. This means, among other things, reducing the amount of electricity you use.

Solar powered lights are not expensive to buy, and because they turn the sun’s solar rays into electricity, they cost absolutely nothing to run. There are also many other benefits associated with solar lights. Installation is no longer a hassle, all which is required when installing solar lights is a well picked out location or locations – you then merely shove the lights into the dirt! Imagine installing driveway lighting the more traditional way – you would have to hire a qualified electrician to install lengths of armoured cable underground for each light – this simply is not an issue with solar lights. So, solar powered lighting is not a fad, it is here to stay and is a very effective lighting solution.

Getting Started With Driveway Lighting

When you are building or remodeling a home, you might want to include driveway lighting into the outdoor lighting design. These lights will turn your house into elegant and cozy place for all that pass by. Driveway lights are fairly inexpensive overall, and are not that difficult to install either. There are many benefits you can get from installing driveway lights such as the aesthetic value it adds to your house. It also helps to give security from prowlers and unauthorized entry.

At one time, it seemed that only the rich and the elite could afford driveway lights at the beginning of the manufacturing process. But years of process refinement kept on bringing new designs, and better materials at a cheaper price. So now the technological evolution of these lights has made them more affordable to all (just like with market for outdoor pendant lighting and sconces). Lighting companies have introduced a wide array of designs to choose from. The classic design for driveway lights has traditionally been a cast iron stand. These were very expensive and bulky. Today, these lights are made up of resins and plastic fibers that they have become lighter, yet durable and appealing to the eyes.

The first thing you must consider when buying driveway lights is the design plan. Decide on how high you want the lights to rise from the ground including the type of overall layout you want to incorporate. Assess your driveway and figure out what fits best for your home and landscaping designs. Pole lights usually rise up to 3 meters but you can adjust according to your driveway measurements.

Next is to finalize how many lights you want to put in one post and how far each post should be from the next. You can put up one light or as many as six lights per post – but bear in mind that the more the lights you have, the bigger your electric bill will being the case of electric (not solar) lights. When you have decided on the plot of the lights, you can now choose the pattern for how the light beams will project. One of the more popular pattern is the double-headed pattern where the lights illuminate towards the top and bottom of the driveway.

We hope this has been an informative overview for you on driveway light design.

Source: Driveway Lighting Site