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Popular Bed and Bedding Choices

When decorating a bedroom, the style of furniture and bedding you choose will set the tone for your design plans.  The centerpiece of the bedroom is the bed itself, and there are many different styles available to choose from.  Some of the most popular choices are divan beds, princess beds, and French beds. Each of these types of beds has unique features that set them apart from a traditional and basic bed.

French beds are the most ornate of the beds available. They are generally made of a solid wood or heavy-duty iron that may come stained or painted to fit different color schemes. One of the most attractive features of French beds is the ornate carvings that accent the headboard and footboard.  On wooden versions of the French bed, these carvings are done by hand and with great attention to detail. Like with any type of bed, the craftsmanship involved in the production process can greatly affect the price.

Princess beds are also popular choices, especially in more feminine bedrooms. Princess beds feature tall posts or canopies, which can be draped with fabric for a unique and elegant look.  A wonderful feature of this type of bed is that the fabric canopies or drapes can be changed inexpensively for an entirely new look. Because of this, princess beds are an excellent choice for people who like to redecorate often.

Divan beds and folding beds are popular choices for guest bedrooms or small rooms as they take up less floor space than a traditional bed requires.  Divan beds function like a couch by day, the major difference being that they do not have solid armrests. Folding beds can easily be tucked away when not in use, allowing a guest bedroom to be a dual-purpose room.

Once you choose the type of bed that will best fit your personal taste and needs, you can focus on the bedding.  Many people dress up their beds with dust ruffles, decorative pillows, handmade quilts, and lace throws.  These finishing touches will help make the bedroom of your dreams a reality.