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Square Plates – Why You Should Consider Square Dinnerware Sets

We all have our favorite dinnerware sets in our homes, but sometimes using the old favorite’s gets a little monotonous and we want to try something new. One novel way to liven up your dining table is to add square plates to your crockery collection.

Most types of plates are available that are square. You can find square dinner plates, dessert plates and even salad plates. There are even square bowls, as strange as that may sound. Square flatware is available in all the traditional dishware materials – China plates, porcelain plates, glass plates and even plastic or melamine plates.

As with all dish wares, square plates are available at all price points. Depending on your budget and tastes you can choose one or more of the following.

You can go with the discount dinnerware sets intended for casual use as everyday dinnerware. At the low end of the price range this will probably be a plastic or melamine set. These are not the fanciest, but that does not mean you cannot find an attractive selection. These dinnerware sets are very practical.

Something more formal, such as a porcelain or china dinnerware set, will be a little pricier. However, if you like to keep a nicer table such a set might be the ideal choice. You will have to deal with the increased risk of breakage with these materials, but the extra touch of class may be worth that hassle to you.

Finally you can buy square dinnerware sets perfect to set an elegant classic table, for the most special of occasions. In this case you might choose glass plates, crystal plates, or antique collectibles. These will not be cheap, and are very fragile. When not in use you will want to store this distinguished dinnerware safely and securely.

Whatever you choose, the availability of square dinner plates is plentiful. As a buyer, you are sure to find a set with colors, motif and theme choices that will gel with your aesthetics and personal taste.