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The Benefits and Savings of Using Carpet Remnants

If you decide you want to carpet or replace carpet in your office or home, you will likely want to get the best value for your money.  An easy way to do this is by using carpet remnants. Unfortunately they tend to have an implication of being of lesser quality.  This is not necessarily true, however, and some carpet remnants are equal to new carpeting in quality and durability.

In order to get quality discount carpet remnants at a fair price, it is important to know how the pieces you are interested in came to be remnants in the first place.  Carpet remnants are simply pieces of excess carpet that are new, unused, and produced from the same mill as the larger pieces of carpet.  They are usually just as valuable as larger carpet pieces and they come into existence via several different routes.

One way carpet remnants become available is directly from the carpet making company.  Once the manufacturer makes bulk rolls of carpeting, they may cut off the excess from the ends so that the larger carpet roll has nice, straight edges.  This excess carpet may be 30 feet or more in size and is sent to carpet warehouses, it is then passed on to the consumer at a significantly discounted price.  Another way carpet remnants are created is from excess pieces that are left over after a carpet installer lays the carpet in a home or office.  These excess pieces are proffered to carpet warehouses and are also new, unused, and of excellent quality.  These pieces are often quite large as well as durable and suitable for carpeting recreation rooms or basements.

The key to locating cheap carpet remnants is by checking as many warehouses as you can.  Recently, my family wanted to lay some carpet in our basement.  We checked with all the local carpet warehouses and asked if they had any remnants of the width we were looking for, which was 12 feet.  We paid a visit to those warehouses and found the carpet that was perfect for our project.  It was an excellent quality carpet made of olefin and it was enough to cover our entire basement.  The remnants ended up being notably less expensive than if we had ordered the same kind of carpet directly.

If you are patient and determined, you can find quality carpet remnants at an affordable price.  A good resource for finding quality remnants at fair prices is carpet installers.  Many of these people work for several carpet retailers or storehouses and may be able to recommend places to find quality remnants as well as where to obtain their leftover carpet.

Clever Uses for Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants are excess pieces. They are what is left after a room has already been covered. People are wise nowadays and tend to sell carpet remnants at a reduced price. Carpet remnants are useful. There is a high demand for them and that is why they are being sold by carpet manufacturers.  Noisy appliances like washers, washing machines and dryers are annoying; a carpet remnant can be placed under the appliance to reduce the sound.

Carpet remnants would also be great to place in your dog’s or cat’s house.  Pet cats can also use carpet remnants as scratching post. You can install them in an upward direction and place nails in to keep them still. Gardeners can also benefit from using carpet remnants to keep private ground paths clear of weeds. For yoga instructors carpet remnants can also serve as yoga mats. Sit-ups, curls and rolls can be done using the material left from the carpet.  Cars can also use extra floor mats; cut the carpet remnant evenly and secure it in place.

These left over pieces of area rugs can be used for staircases to protect your feet. Knees would also benefit if a carpet remnant is placed on the ground while washing the floor. Weeding and gardening would also be less painful; the remnants of the carpet can serve as knee pads while doing these tasks.  Carpet remnants can also be used in maintaining clean and dry flooring. It prevents the floor from constant scratching caused by opening and closing the door over and over again.

Left over pieces from carpets are so versatile, they can also be used as buffers for shoes. Teachers can also use them to wipe blackboards and for cleaning windowsills.  Pots and pans clatter noise can be reduced if a carpet remnant is used as a cushion.  It is such a great item, its uses are endless.  It could also be used as extra grip for times when people get stuck in the snow while fixing your flat tires. Workshop tools, toys, gadgets and other household items can be secured by carpet remnants.  It can also be used as a hallway runner.   An imaginative person would find numerous ways to make use of carpet remnants. All it takes it patience in finding the perfect fit for the carpet remnants.