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Give an Edge to Your Bedroom with the Shabby Chic Furniture

The concept of shabby chic furniture is relatively new to the world of interiors yet has been accepted and welcomed worldwide. This kind of interior decoration lends a look of ease and comfort to the house, especially the bedroom and the lounge area.

People who have a passion of heritage and worn out furniture can actually make the most of this idea to redefine the decor of their houses and lend a vintage feel to it as well. The most popular items in the shabby chic bedroom furniture set are the worn out oak and mahogany dressers, wooden corner and shelves and even the Victorian mirrors that give an illusion of a heritage look to the bedroom besides making it look bigger.

One can also make use of lace trimmings on the upholstery, chic carpets with tatters and silk thread work to achieve a grunted and worn out look which is the new fashion statement for the famous and stylish today. In fact the concept has gained so much popularity that the manufacturers of new furniture are coating it with copper, blue and even green colored enamel spray to achieve the desired shabby look and make it a hot selling product. The color palette used for such look is quite soft with great usage of checks, stripes, floral patterns in lighter and faded hues to add an antique touch to the decor. Using antique photo frames, worn out dressers made from brass and copper and (which are repainted to achieve a better finish) are a great add on for some trendy interiors.

One can look for the antique furniture stores to grab hold of such items or else you can also pick this kind of furniture from junk shops that sell the items at throw away prices and you can re-do them in a desired manner to achieve your preferred look. Wicker furniture sometimes works well for this type of look.

The Different Types of Bed Frames

Different types of bed frames may be classified according to the material that is used for them as well as their construction. The two aspects are related since the type of material used will need to be considered when designing the bed and determining how the parts are to be fixed to each other.


Traditionally, the first makers of bed frames and present-day manufacturers made bed frames out of metal, wood or some combination of both. The possibilities of design are nearly the same for both types of materials; both metal and wooden frames can have fixed legs or wheels under them. Today modern manufacturers experiment with other varieties of bed frames, such as plastic and leather bed frames.

Both may be simply be frames with a detachable inner frame of solid board. Alternatively, a mesh made of plastic, metal or rattan strips may be built into the inner frame. These may also have posts or pillars on the corners and an additional frame on the posts and above the bed itself for hanging canopies or mosquito nets. This type of bed is referred to as canopy beds or four poster bed frames.

The only practical difference between the two is of course the fact that metal is much more durable and more often, much cheaper to procure. The trade-off is that metal is not as easy as wood to beautify and will be much more difficult to move around.

Some modern types of bed frames are made of very durable polyester material. These types of beds are appropriate for a room with modern décor. They are lighter than the same size of wooden or metal bed and are much easier to maintain and clean. The only setback they have is being less durable than either of the other two.

Construction of bed frames

As already noted, bed frames may be skeletons. A detachable board or sturdy mesh of rattan, plastic or metal strips attached to an inner frame is used to support the mattresses and bedding. This is placed atop the framework of the bed.

Alternatively, the mattress board may be fixed on to the bed itself like a platform. Optionally, and if the bed is high enough, several long drawers may be built into the sides of the bed. These types of beds may be used for storing clothes, bedding and pillows.

Another common variation is a frame containing a smaller bed underneath it. Instead of storage compartments, an additional mattress board and frame is built under the main bed. This second frame can be pulled out and pushed back in like a drawer and is especially handy for accommodating sleep-over guests.

Air beds and water beds often have frames too. However, in many cases, people prefer not to box these up since that will be an inconvenience when they have to refill the bed with air or water.

You should ensure that the bed frame you choose fits with the rest of the bedroom decor. Try to design a bedroom that promotes peace and relaxation and you will be well on your way to a good nights rest!

Lawn and Garden Decor Choices

When it comes to decorating both your lawn and garden, there are quite a number of things to consider. For starters, you would want to choose a piece of decoration that would suit your personality and at the same time, help you feel relaxed whenever you see them. After all, these 2 places are supposed to bring you calm whenever you’re in them. Whilst the concept seems easy enough to accomplish, it can get tricky when it comes to finding the right balance.

You should go about decorating both your lawn as well as your garden in the same manner you would decorate the interior of your home. There should always be a single unifying theme to everything. Having this theme would make sure that you don’t go overboard as well as provide you with a starting point when it comes to the particular kind of outdoor furniture and décor that you should purchase.

So the first thing you have to do is pick a theme. Once you have one picked out, you can then choose which color should be dominant and what kind of flowers and other plants you want to have. Color is one of the major focuses of any lawn and garden décor. In fact, it can make or break your whole design so remember to choose one that fits your theme perfectly. Of course, something lively is always nice to see. Blues, yellows and pinks are commonplace in many gardens.

As for furniture, make sure that everything is waterproof and that they would be able to stand against various weather changes. Weather-beaten furnishings actually look lovely in the middle of all those natural colors so wicker or steel furniture would be wonderful to have. In fact, mismatch chairs and tables would be quite charming as well. Garden lighting can be a huge addition to the functionality and aesthetic of your landscape as well.

Last but not the least; add personal touches such as seashells, small trinkets that you’ve collected. You can also add candles, incense and pillows which would give your lawn and garden space a warmer feel.

Leather Furniture- A Smart Home Decor Investment

leather furnitureNatural leather is a warm and inviting material with truly unique characteristics. When you are choosing a new sofa you might want to consider investing in leather. It may be a little more expensive than conventional fabric upholstery but if properly cared for it can last a lifetime, becoming more beautiful with age and use.

With a piece of furniture that will last you so long, the quality is the foremost factor you need to consider when making your choice. There are cheap leather sofas available but these are not likely to have the durability and character of a well designed and made example. Look for leather that has been tanned with water based dyes and finished with natural substances such as beeswax that allows the natural markings and shade variations to show off the leather’s best characteristics.

If you don’t want to wait for your new leather furniture to age and acquire the lovely lived in look, you can even buy furniture that has already been “antiqued”. Or you could buy genuine antique pieces although good antique leather furniture is likely to cost more than buying new.

One important consideration is the color. Think about the future rather than buying a leather sofa that suits your home decor now. You may want to change your decoration style in a few years or even move home and your sofa will still be with you. So even if you love red or green at the moment, it would be better to choose a more neutral color that will go with any home decor scheme you might like to choose in years to come. A tan, golden brown or smoky colored leather will tone with almost any color room and you can always pile on the pillows or a throw in a accent color to fit in with your theme.