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The Beginner’s Guide to Daybed Bedding

Have you ever heard of a sham? How about a duvet? If you just bought your first home and are now thinking about decorating your living room or bedroom, you’ve most likely come across several new bedding terms and wondered what they meant. Here is a simple guide to those words you’ll see a lot as you plan and work towards making your home “yours”.

Daybed – This is a combination of a sofa, lounge chair and bed. The daybed is used as a sofa or lounge chair during the day and a bed at night. For some people, the daybed is also where they take a nap during the day. It is typically the same size as a twin bed.

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Daybed Bedding Ensemble – A daybed bedding ensemble is what you use to cover the bed. It usually includes a cotton comforter set, accent pillows and fitted or flat sheets. The kind of daybed bedding that you choose to get will depend on your budget, the location of the daybed and of course your personal preferences.

Sham – A sham is a decorative pillow that opens in the middle instead of the end like regular pillow cases. It normally has frills or ruffles all around the edges and is normally placed in front of the regular pillows when making up the daybed to give a nice finishing touch.

Duvet – In some countries a duvet is also called a comforter. However, the true duvet is actually two sheets with down feathers or fabric placed between them before being sewn together, generally in a square pocket construction to keep the filling well distributed. The duvet is often placed directly on the bed with a cover while the comforter is usually placed on top of the sheets or blankets.

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun and understanding some of the terms used in daybed bedding will help you avoid problems later on.